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First Da Kine of 2022

Because, well, life is full of da kine. Nothing worthy in and of itself to be noteworthy, but combined, I have enough for a blog post. New Year’s Day ice on our deck panels.

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CV-19 and Stuffs

I have no excuse now for not writing more. Because of CV-19, we’re not going anywhere much. Not that I want to. I’m not going to the gym…even though it’s easy to stay 6′ away from people, I have been … Continue reading

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We Interrupt Tree Cutting For…Snow…and More Snow…

When Mark Nelsen of Channel 12 said “Snow!”, I was excited. It’s been a long time since we’ve had tons of snow…but I didn’t know exactly how much we’d be getting. Bambucha. That’s what we got! At this writing, we’ve … Continue reading

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Montana Road Trip 2015, Chapter Twenty-FIve

We spent several days with Cousins, enjoying our sightseeing time in and around Bozeman.  Best of all were our mealtimes and evenings together, which were filled with laughter and talks about our shared family histories, and skeletons in the closet. … Continue reading

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Montana Road Trip 2010, Part Nineteen

Some of the photos from the Battle Ridge area are on my old cell phone.  I have to see if I can upload them here.  There was snow on the ground and I took them with my cell phone so … Continue reading

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