Montana Road Trip 2010, Part Thirty-Nine

E kala mai Numbah Two. Iʻm so far behind on my posts that I had to go back to Part Thirty-Eight so see what Iʻd written. There I saw that Iʻd missed uploading the last photo. Sheesh. So I got that uploaded to the post and now Iʻm ready to go again.

Itʻs been a busy few months. I had a root canal.  We put our vacant five acres of land on the market.  I took a fabulous spinning class. Nolemana ended up in the ER (he’s fine now). And work. Holy smoke. The Portland real estate market is going crazy; I’ve been turning down 10-12 appraisal requests per day!! We’ve never seen anything like it. Right now, we’re quoting inspection dates at the middle of November, if you can believe it. We’re putting in long hours. One of the reasons for all this is because appraisers are getting out of the business because the lender requirements are getting so detailed, and they send reports back to us for clarifications, which we don’t get paid for. And of course, homes here are selling like hotcakes. (Do hotcakes sell? Where did that expression come from, anyway? No make sense.)

But enough of that. Let’s go back to da Montana road trip. Last time, we were driving through the Coeur d’ Alene reservation in Idaho, enjoying all the green hills and lovely skies.

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Facing Scary Knitting, Part Two and Pau

Holy smoke; work is crazy busy. I recently read that since 2007 there are 22% fewer appraisers.  I’m turning down 10-15 appraisal requests some days. We’ve never seen anything like it before. We’re now booked out till the beginning of November; clients call us, begging us to take orders so that loans can close. They offer us ridiculous amounts of money to accept their requests sometimes. We help where we can. One potential client told us she’d called 25 appraisers before she called us, and they all turned her down. Oi. Most appraisers don’t want to go up the mountain or to any rural area; they want to take the easier stuff where the driving distances aren’t so great. So we’re going to Welches, and Rhododendron, Canby and Government Camp sometimes.

I feel bad for the people making the calls; to get turned down over and over is so discouraging. I tell them that. Or I write it in the emails that I get requesting our help. I have typed out so many “I’m so sorry, but we can’t help you” emails that I finally resorted to the copy/paste method. I’m glad we’re retiring next year; we’re both tired. So does that mean that next year we’ll get re-tired? LOL.

Anyway, to get back to what this post was supposed to be about…I finished my hat!! And I’m really happy with it, too. It’s called “Flyaway”… nā manu first sitting on the fence, then they fly away. I learned a lot with this project, and am now working on a second stranded hat. I ended up loving the whole process.

So here’s da hat…I hope I get to wear it soon.




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Facing Scary Knitting

Okay, I’ll admit it. I’ve seen lots of projects on Ravelry  that I’d love to make. But I’ve been scared to do them because they looked scary, and let’s face it, I’m kind of a chicken at heart because I’m scared I’ll do something wrong. Childhood crap kine stuff. Continue reading

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Making The Bed?

You think I’m gonna disturb this bunch to do it? Nah.

3 Popoki

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Tour de Fleece 2016, Part Two

Whew. Stay pau da Tour de Fleece. I always love doing it, and don’t push myself too hard; pressure means no fun, at least for me. So here’s the rest of da photos.

I finished filling the second bobbin, and was now ready to start e pili the two of them together. Plying.

I spun them clockwise, but now will ply them counter-clockwise. Noelani is my mascot mascat today.

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Tour de Fleece 2016

Nothing like not having time to write lately. E kala mai Numbah One.

But now it’s Tour de Fleece time again and I found bits of time here and there for spinning. So I’ll inundate you with my daily photos.  I made a collage for each day. How’s dat?

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Moo-ooo-ooo! A Love Song For AFK.

AFK has been a follower of this little bloggie for years now; she has been a faithful commenter (is that a word?), and has encouraged me to keep writing even when I thought what I had to say wasn’t all that important. She’s followed me through daboonies of Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and Montana, riding shotgun through all of our adventures. She absolutely adores pīpī (cows), so I’m dedicating this post to her.
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