2 1/2 Weeks Post-Op, OFFF, and Swan Island Dahlias

And ten days fly by…

I’ve been working really, really, hard in physical therapy and with my exercises at home. And it’s paying off. I saw my surgeon’s assistant on the 21st, and she removed the dressing on the incision and swapped it out for Steri-strips. She showed me the x-rays they’d taken of my new knee so that I could see what it looks like now. Absolutely fascinating. I won’t post the photo here; no like gross anybody out. But you know, no wonder it hurts…there’s a bunch of metal in there! Best of all, she said I could hemo the compression hose!!! I was so happy!! They were were a pain in the ʻōkole! Oh yeah… and she confirmed that there’s such a thing as surgery brain. I could tell that all my cylinders weren’t firing quite right. It’s ‘way better now, though. Megan told me that she was really pleased with my progress; she’d wanted at least a 90° angle on my bent knee, and my PT told me the day before it was 115°!

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One Week Post-Op

I’m still here. I made it through. Right now my days are taken up with exercises. And more exercises. And physical therapy. Then turn around and do it all over again.  Nolemana has been absolutely fantastic, helping me with almost everything.

I forgot I took so many photos in the hospital. Better living through chemistry, yeah?

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Last Tuesday afternoon I had a pre-op appointment with my surgeon and his assistant, who’ll be in the OR with him.  That made surgery seem really real. By the time we were pau with the appointment, traffic on I-205 would’ve been awful going home, so Nolemana and I decided to stay in Vancouver and have dinner at Patrick’s Hawaiian Cafe, my favorite local kine food restaurant. I figured that comfort food would help ease my way into surgery on Monday.

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Two Weeks Away

Ack! Two weeks from yesterday I’m going in for a partial knee replacement surgery. And I’m feeling kinda nervous about it. I’m glad I get to have a spinal instead of general anesthetic. I’m glad I have a fantastic surgeon and a great medical team. But I’m still kinda sked.

I’ve been working hard at the gym to strengthen my legs and knees. Cuz my left knee isn’t the greatest, either. No ACL in that one. It’s gonna need (kneed???) surgery, too. See what happens when you’re fifteen years old playing tackle football back home in Mānoa Valley and you get tackled by a kid twice your size? We didn’t wear protective any kine. Those were the olden days, right? Sheesh.  Continue reading

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Hawaiian Time Post – Tour de Fleece

Oh, I have the best of best intentions to write posts. And then life happens. I got bogged down during Tour de Fleece, so I’m gonna start up again with all dem photos.

At da coffee shop. Me spinning, and my friend from the My Knitting Has Cat Hair In It team was my cheerleader.

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Sad News and Finding Spinning Solace

Yesterday I got some bad news, that my dear friend Carol, who’s been battling cancer since 2005, now had a metastasized tumor in her brain. I was stunned, upset, and very teary and emotional. I’d been spinning some mixed fiber, which was a real challenge for me. There are both long and short fibers in the roving, and I’d never spun anything like it before. After getting the news about Carol from her husband, I came home and tried to spin for solace. It wasn’t going well. I thought that maybe I even hated the spinning I’d done from this pretty bump of roving:

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Tour de Fleece, Chapter Chree

I’ve been so busy spinning and photographing and posting my progress to Ravelry, that my poor bloggie gets left in the dust!

So here’s more photos of what I’ve been doing.  I finished spinning Beargrass from Raven Ridge Fiber Arts (my favorite indie dyer). I learned how to use an Andean plying tool from Gift of Grace Handspun, and Noelani supervised everything.  The Andean plying tool is made from Curly Koa from Maui, and I love it so much.

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