Da Kine Numbah Chree

Oy. Poor bloggie, suffering in da heat and smoke and Mokihana’s hurt knee.  Finally da rains wen come, and da smoke wen disappear after burning thousands of acres, set off by some lolo kid/s who thought that throwing fireworks into dry brush would be fun. This was just one of many photos I took from our lānai showing how thick the smoke was.

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Ho Da Hot! Ho Da Smoke!

Having to stay home and in the house all the time is difficult for me. I’m losing track of days since my usual schedule wen hemo. Out da window.  Afuera de la ventana. Usually I’ve got something going almost every day, going here, going there. Sometimes I feel like I’m in a cave and long to be outside, even with alla smoke. But ho da hot! This squirrel on our lānai railing was sure feeling it yesterday when it got to be over 100°. I don’t feel sorry for him because he always tries to kakaroach the suet in my bird feeders.  The birdbath has plenny water in it, though. He can drink that; I don’t mind.

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Ouch! Enforced Rest.

This is where I was on Monday; getting an ultrasound on my very, very, painful knee.

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2017 Tour de Fleece: Pau

Well, I didn’t get as involved with the TdF as I’ve been in the past; just too much going on every day. But I did manage to watch a bunch of it on TV.

But this is what I did get done. First, I spun this yarn and got it put onto two shuttle bobbins, ready for plying.

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Montana Road Trip 2010, Chapter 43

I’m feeling pretty pleased with myself tonight. I was having trouble loading the correct size photos here; they were all too small, and I couldn’t enlarge them because then the resolution was junk. I tried figuring it out, but couldn’t. I figured I’d have to call my guru on Monday.  But tonight, because I’m not a quitter, I thought, ‘There has to be a way!” So I worked with it some more, and figured it out!  So now we can continue with the Montana Road Trip! Chee hoo!!

We were still on Highway 95 South, almost to Lewiston. We’d stopped to take photos, and I liked this tree.

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Tour de Fleece 2017

I’ve been busy with the Tour de Fleece, and haven’t posted anything about it! Gah!! So here are some photos of my progress. Hmm… I got a new external hard drive to avoid Photobucket, but I have a few glitches to work out. I kakaroached my photos from Ravelry for this post. I try to have a new mascot for each day.

Stage 1 Collage.jpg

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Especially for AFK

Mahalo to the Hood River Sheriff’s Office for this terrific post on their Facebook page:

Pursuit in Parkdale Ends Peacefully

Last weekend HRSO deputies engaged in a pursuit in the Parkdale area. Lasting about 45 minutes, the pursuit only covered approximately 2.5 miles of roadway.

Deputies tried to turn it into a high-speed pursuit, but the subject was having none of it. At one point the incident turned into a standoff, as depicted in the picture.

Had the unnamed cameraman held the camera a little lower, we might have glimpsed a cold sweat beading the brow of Deputy Plese while staring down the subject. In the end, the iron will of the Sheriff’s Office prevailed, and the subject moved along, the pursuit ending in a field a short time later. No one was injured.

In the meantime, discussions will be had about making the Cow Whisperer an on-call position.

Just another day in the life.

Stay safe out there.


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