CV-19 and Stuffs

I have no excuse now for not writing more. Because of CV-19, we’re not going anywhere much. Not that I want to. I’m not going to the gym…even though it’s easy to stay 6′ away from people, I have been extremely dissatisfied with their feeble attempts to keep things cleaned. There is only one young woman there who is absolutely diligent about keeping things wiped down with sanitizing cloths. She’s the only one as far as I can tell, and if she’s not there, it doesn’t get done during the day. Wassap wit dat?!

As long as I’m on a rant, wassap with all the kids on Spring Break in Florida, massing and milling together, saying stupidhead things like, “If I get it I get it”, not caring that they could spread it to hundreds, if not thousands, of others.  One said it was her 21st birthday and the only thing she cared about was being on the beach and then getting drunk.

I walk out on our driveway several times a day, and do exercises in the house. It’s not the same as going to the gym, of course, but it’s ‘way healthier. I’m thankful for the sunny days we’ve been having, for birdsong all around me, for the return of the Rufous-Sided Hummingbirds (though the Annas hummers aren’t too happy about sharing all the feeders we have around), for the calm sound of Mourning Doves, and for the hooting of Great Horned Owls, a lullaby, as I’m falling asleep.

I’m grateful for hot water, a warm bed, enough food, and the internet so that I can stay in contact with my dear friends and stream movies and music. I’m grateful for my kitties, who keep me company while I’m handspinning. I’m grateful for the promises of ke Akua, who will never leave or forsake us. No matter how stupidhead we are.

I’m grateful for daffodils alongside our driveway.

And for Sakura trees along our driveway.

And for the unexpected snow that we got.

I’m grateful for those of you who read this tiny bloggie, too. Thank you. Oh… and oh yeah…we have enough toilet paper. Stay healthy, everyone.

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6 Responses to CV-19 and Stuffs

  1. Jenny says:

    Bless you for your gratitude and positive attitude. We must all remember to stay calm and keep things in perspective. We will get through this – together.

  2. Human stupidheads and Divine peace. One is prevalent, one is Omnipresent. Amen!

  3. AFK says:

    Wow, Moki-chan, I’ve been working from home since Wednesday and I’m totally out of my routine! I didn’t see your updates until now. I’m glad you’re well and doing well.

    As for the stupidheads–I always remember something I read in Psychology Today decades ago–certain forms of higher judgment don’t kick in until a person’s mid-to-late twenties. (I know of some people for whom it *never* kicks in.)

    Imua! The only way out is through.

    (PS–check your Twitter feed.)

  4. Mokihana says:

    So good to hear from you! That Psychology Today thing makes total sense.. I think it’s true sometimes it never kicks in. I just saw a photo of people hiking up Koko Head, locals and tourists alike. So sad…

  5. Mokihana says:

    The Trader Joe’s line? Awesome!

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