We Interrupt Tree Cutting For…Snow…and More Snow…

When Mark Nelsen of Channel 12 said “Snow!”, I was excited. It’s been a long time since we’ve had tons of snow…but I didn’t know exactly how much we’d be getting. Bambucha. That’s what we got! At this writing, we’ve been snowed in since Sunday (it’s now Friday).  People who live below us are getting in and out, and with studded tires and a different driveway, we would’ve gotten out, too. But 1: I don’t have studded tires on my car now (because I didn’t want to pay $39.00 to get them on in February and then another $39.00 to get them taken off a week later), and 2: We couldn’t have gotten down the driveway anyway.

And so it begins: Hail, snow, hail, and snow. February 18th.

It sure was pretty coming down.

February 19th daytime:

First thing in the morning:

It was so nani!!

The driveway:

We’ve taken so many photos!

February 19th nighttime. Same driveway.

K’den… gonna quit for now so I can at least get a blog post up.


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1 Response to We Interrupt Tree Cutting For…Snow…and More Snow…

  1. AFK says:

    Yikes! Hope you guys had enough provisions so that getting out didn’t matter. It IS sooo pretty.

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