365 Days, Numbah Twenty (Plenny days this time.)

April 12th

Still a bit of snow left down in the pasture.
A couple of branches came down onto the deck.
My poor lilac bush!!! I got a start for this from a dear friend years and years ago. Fortunately, the rest of it is okay.
Brunch with two dear friends of mine at Biscuits: Almond French Toast. ‘Ono!
Sakura branches on the ground, too.
Daily hummingbird.

April 13th

Daily hummingbird zooming away! Hahaha!
Closeup. He looks like a missle.
I do love the action shots, though! He didn’t want his photo taken!
Daily hummingbird consenting to have his photo taken.
Remains of snow at the gym.
Puffballs at the gym.
Steam rising from the parking lot when the sun came out.

April 14th.

Ho da hail!!!

April 15th

Daily hummingbird. See his beak in front of the feeder?

April 16th

Hah? Wassup wit dis???? We drank water from our coconuts alla time back home!
Daily hummingbird.
Rain coming in over the valley.
Nani clouds at sunset.
Mourning Dove visitor outside my office.
Nani sunset!

April 17th

Amaryllis opening up.
Daily hummingbird.
Plying a highly textured yarn and loving it.
Our Rhodie made it! It looked dead after the dreadful heat of last summer.

April 18th

Some of d gym Posse. One of dems first day back after a long absence due to illness.
Daily hummingbird.

April 19th

Daily hummingbird.
You can definitely see his rufous coloring even though the photo’s blurry.

April 20th

Daily hummingbird. These guys are much more territorial than the Anna’s Hummingbirds.
Daily hummingbird and red barn.
Plying more yarn. Love the texture!
Puffballs in full bloom at the gym. And so onaona da fragrance!
Downspout at Freddy’s in the pouring rain.

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2 Responses to 365 Days, Numbah Twenty (Plenny days this time.)

  1. AFK says:

    Wow, laulau, so many pitchas! I’m jealous that your hummers still come to your feeders. Ours stop coming in the spring b/c there are so many flowers, so the juice just goes bad (or the ants get it). And what kine crazy weather you guyzes getting?!? Thank you for all da pua pitchas.

    I wen send you one lettah. Lemme know whatchu tink.

    • Mokihana says:

      Oh, I’m sorry about your hummers leaving you… I know you must miss them.
      Yeah, plenny pitchas this time cuz I did only one day last time. Cuz snow, yeah?
      Crazy weather for realz… but I love the much cooler spring we’re having. Wettest April on record!

      One real lettah???? Shaka dat!! Mahalo nui.

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