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Montana Road Trip 2010, Chapter Forty-Nine

Ack! The last time I posted about our Montana road trip was in January 2020! And I left you folks out in da boonies of the Palouse Country. We gotta get home before we start our next road trip, yeah? … Continue reading

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The Smoke Ended But Not the Excitement

Lest you think that just because the smoke was gone the excitement ended. And silly me. Why would I think it would? Just because my heart rate had slowed down did that mean our worries were over for the time … Continue reading

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A Quarantine Evacuation Tale, Chapter Four

Getting on the road felt good. I put the a/c onto recirculate so that we didn’t have to keep breathing the smoke from outside. The kitties were quiet in their carriers and Hulunani was happy. I was surprised but grateful … Continue reading

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One Way to Un-Quarantine: Get Arrested.

Or: “They’re coming to take me away….” ♪♫ This was my voice mail to text today.  

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A Heartwarming Beginning to the New Year

Nolemana and I were on our way to the gym yesterday, and stopped at a red light at Burnside/Division  (four lanes plus turning lanes each street) heading northwest. Traffic was very heavy. I was about 3 cars back from the … Continue reading

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So frustrated!!

So I happened to go back to some posts from about 2009, and found that all my photos have been blurred/watermarked by Photobucket. Because I’m now over their limit, which used to be free web-hosting. Which is why I added … Continue reading

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Riding Virtual Shotgun to Colorado, Chapter Three

I should state, before we go any further, that I had absolutely no intention of becoming the obsessive, wild-eyed, vigilant, hyper, tethered-to- my- computer person that I ended up being on New Year’s Eve Day 2017. Nope.  I was going to … Continue reading

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Guessing Game, Chapter Two

Oh my gosh, I forgot to let you know what I was knitting! I’ll blame it on the fact that I was really sick from December 5th till now. As a matter of fact, I’ll blame my silence since November … Continue reading

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Antique Spinning Wheel Showcase 2015

Last weekend was the annual showcase in Aurora, Oregon.  This is a yearly event and it’s absolutely wonderful, put on by the Aurora Colony Historical Society and the Aurora Colony Handspinners Guild.  It’s a two-day event, and all wheels showcased … Continue reading

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Ho Da Ice!!

Last week the forecast was for snow/ice/freezing rain/sleet. Take your pick. We knew temps were going to get into the low twenties, so we (meaning Nolemana) put the tarp around the doves’ aviary, covered all the outside faucets, drained the … Continue reading

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