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Riding Virtual Shotgun to Colorado, Chapter Three

I should state, before we go any further, that I had absolutely no intention of becoming the obsessive, wild-eyed, vigilant, hyper, tethered-to- my- computer person that I ended up being on New Year’s Eve Day 2017. Nope.  I was going to … Continue reading

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Guessing Game, Chapter Two

Oh my gosh, I forgot to let you know what I was knitting! I’ll blame it on the fact that I was really sick from December 5th till now. As a matter of fact, I’ll blame my silence since November … Continue reading

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Dear Teenage Bicyclist

Hey kid. Assamatta u, eh? I realize you were in the bike lane and I realize that the light was green. Did you realize that I was already in the middle of a right hand turn when you decided to zoom … Continue reading

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Yeah, It’s Tour de Fleece Time Again

Auē.  Been ‘way too long since I’ve posted.  And I can’t blame it all on Tour de Fleece, either.  Because that started just a week ago.  And I left everyone in Montana!  Sheesh. I’ll catch up with that, but in … Continue reading

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Maxwell and Jasper

I coulda sworn I wrote a blog post about these two, but I’ve searched everywhere and can’t find one.  Even checked all my Word docs, PictureTrail, Photobucket… nothing. Very sad.  I can write it again (good ting I get good … Continue reading

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I Really Need To Make This…

…as comfort food for all the coughing I’ve been doing lately. Try look. 

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Montana Road Trip 2010, Chapter Twenty-Nine

Hui! I’m gonna start of with a video this time.  We’re driving makai, and those are the Sapphire Mountains to the left.  We’re still east of Missoula.

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