First Da Kine of 2022

Because, well, life is full of da kine. Nothing worthy in and of itself to be noteworthy, but combined, I have enough for a blog post.

New Year’s Day ice on our deck panels.

And this lovely Flicker stopped by, looking for suet, which I have in abundance.

I’m taking daily photos of this Anna’s Hummingbird, who appears every morning and throughout the day near the feeders, chasing away anybody else who dares to get near.

I’m doing a bit of spinning.

Water from our hill is flowing down next to our road. Small kine waterfall.

One of my dear friends taught us how to make these awesome snowflakes in our Zoom meeting, January 5th.

Today I started off with my food deliveries to farm workers and a few friends who need the extra help with groceries. This is a weekly thing for me to do. Half of them were already delivered when I took this photo.

Today I took Nolemana to see his retina specialist, and of course, stopped by here on the way. Real shave ice from home, and the owner and I both grew up in Mānoa Valley, which makes talking story a lot of fun.

I was in the car almost all day long today, delivering groceries, then heading to the retinologist. It was a tiring day, but a good one. Doing things for others is a good way to help with the depression I can feel.

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4 Responses to First Da Kine of 2022

  1. Michelle says:

    That’s was my mom’s prescription when I was depressed–do something for someone else. Happy New Year!

  2. AFK says:

    Wow, laulau–shave ice when it’s DIS COLD OU’SIDE? You’ve been in da PNW long time!!!
    Tita, you’re doing good to do well. I salute you! (Dat photo of da Flicker is professional-kine.)

    • Mokihana says:

      I know, yeah? But one, I love being able to support a local wahine, and two, da bugga is ‘ono, and chree, stay warm insai da kawila!
      Mahalo about da Flicker photo; I love when they come around.

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