365 Days, Numbah Sixty-Four

Ho, I am so late with these!! I dunno if I can get all caught up by the first of January!

December 1st

We had a busy day ahead of us, so I’m glad the daily hummingbird showed up early.

Nolemana had a day surgery procedure done today; this was the waiting room nearby. There wasn’t a bed for him when we first got there, so both of us waited here for about an hour.

Nolemana needed a pillow for behind his head, and the RN brought him this pillow. And there’s a sweet story behind it. One of my friends at the gym is in a volunteer group at the hospital that makes these pillows for the patients, and when I showed him the photo of the pillow we got, he remembered it!

Knitting in the waiting room.

Da moon and Venus after we got home.

Here’s a collage of our day at the hospital. I haven’t figured out yet how to put the photos in order…so clockwise from right…the waiting room where I spent about 8 hours. Because no beds were available post-op, Nolemana stayed in recovery for about four hours. Ack! Texts I got informing me what was happening. Pretty cool technology. The center photo is the view from the pre-op room. and to the left of that, the moon rising over the hospital when I went back to pick up da patient. I’d stayed with him post-op when he finally got to his room, and then when they served him dinner I went home to eat. Because, oh my gosh, the ER was so full that there were patients in the cafeteria (!!!) and I couldn’t eat there. More easy go home, feed da kitties, and lie down for a bit. But then Nolemana called me and said I needed to come back so the nurse could show me after-care. So back I went. That’s when I saw da moon.

Nolemana is doing well. I did nurse-y things for him and he’s able to get around just fine now. The hospital staff was wonderful despite the fact that they were very short-staffed and overworked.

December 2nd

Daily hummingbird.
I had to pick up a prescription for Nolemana, and spent my time here, knitting, while I waited for it to be ready.
After getting the prescription and making sure Nolemana was okay, I went to da gym and found this pau my workout. Sheesh.

This isn’t a very good picture…it’s the Christmas trees lit up across the valley.

December 3rd

Daily hummingbird.
Papa Robin at the birdbath.
Papa Robin and Papa Spotted Towhee.

Absolutely incredible Mauna Loa photo.

Photo credit: @kakoo_haleakala.

December 4th

I’d gotten my studded tires put on in anticipation of the coming snow, and good thing I did! I hadn’t wanted Nolemana to get stranded at the hospital pau surgery. Of course it didn’t snow that day, which was a good thing. But today I had to get out and if I hadn’t had the studs on, I wouldn’t have been able to make it up our driveway.!

Two daily hummingbirds!
Small kine snow and a cold daily hummingbird.
Snow moving in.
Snow and daily hummingbird.

December 5th

Snowy daily hummingbird.
View across the valley.
Frosty trees… so nani!
Can you see the sparkles?
King Kamehameha with snow on him.
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4 Responses to 365 Days, Numbah Sixty-Four

  1. Lady Tie Di says:

    You’re almost there to the end of the year!!! CHeeHOOO!!! And I’m glad Nolemana is going to be okay oxoxoxo

    • Mokihana says:

      I’m frantically trying to get everything updated by NYE… but I’m not gonna make it. I’ll finish up on NYD. And I’m glad Nolemana’s gonna be okay too. Mahalo!

  2. AFK says:

    Everything Lady Tie Di says above. Plus! Blessings on the healthcare workers who have done waaaaaaaaaaay more than their fair share the past 2.5 years. I love that your 12/4 daily duo hummer photo has them in the same pose. Nice that you can knit to pass the time to occupy yourself while you’re waiting for things/people. Is it my imagination, or has it been snowier than usual this past December? Imua, tita!

    • Mokihana says:

      The healthcare workers were all amazing. And yeah, I’m glad I have my knitting, too. I’ll have to check past photos to see if this December was snowier. It sure seems to be!

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