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Ho Da Hot! Ho Da Smoke!

Having to stay home and in the house all the time is difficult for me. I’m losing track of days since my usual schedule wen hemo. Out da window.  Afuera de la ventana. Usually I’ve got something going almost every … Continue reading

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Ouch! Enforced Rest.

This is where I was on Monday; getting an ultrasound on my very, very, painful knee.

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2017 Tour de Fleece: Pau

Well, I didn’t get as involved with the TdF as I’ve been in the past; just too much going on every day. But I did manage to watch a bunch of it on TV. But this is what I did … Continue reading

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Montana Road Trip 2010, Chapter 43

I’m feeling pretty pleased with myself tonight. I was having trouble loading the correct size photos here; they were all too small, and I couldn’t enlarge them because then the resolution was junk. I tried figuring it out, but couldn’t. … Continue reading

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Tour de Fleece 2017

I’ve been busy with the Tour de Fleece, and haven’t posted anything about it! Gah!! So here are some photos of my progress. Hmm… I got a new external hard drive to avoid Photobucket, but I have a few glitches … Continue reading

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Especially for AFK

Mahalo to the Hood River Sheriff’s Office for this terrific post on their Facebook page: Pursuit in Parkdale Ends Peacefully Last weekend HRSO deputies engaged in a pursuit in the Parkdale area. Lasting about 45 minutes, the pursuit only covered … Continue reading

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Da Kine Numbah Two

K’den. While I’m working on the next Montana Road Trip post, I’ll wikiwiki get these up. And yeah, I realize that if I didn’t do this post, I could be working on the Montana one. But I going doyem anyway. … Continue reading

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