365 Days, Numbah Nine

February 11th

Not a daily hummingbird. Another Junco, who appears to like perching on the tomato cage.

This evening, after I’d visited Laura for the last time, I got some amazing daily hummingbird photos as the sun was setting.

This is my favorite one; it took me me awhile to get it just right, trying to capture the hummingbird in the circle of the setting sun wasn’t easy!

February 12th

Daily hummingbird.
Sunshine and shadows.
Keola photobomb.
I took more photos of my finished shawl…
…including some artsy fartsy ones.
Nolemana tossed it up in the air for me and I tried to take photos. Not as easy as it looks!
Daily hummingbird and Keola photobomb.

February 13th

Daily hummingbird in sideways rain.

February 14th

Daily hummingbird and small kine snow.
Daily hummingbird with the zoomies.

February 15th

The daily hummingbird never showed up. I think stuff is blooming and he was called elsewhere. So I thought I’d do a kitty instead.
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3 Responses to 365 Days, Numbah Nine

  1. AFK says:

    What an interesting idea to toss up your shawl and photograph it! Hard to get a good image, even in full sun, of something moving so fast.

    Your last sunset hummer photo on 2/11 is fantastic. I also like your sideways rain photo of 2/13–very artsy.

    • Mokihana says:

      Mahalo, my friend… I’m glad you liked that hummer photo…I got so lucky!! I so appreciate your affirming comments!

  2. Lady Tie Di says:

    I love your artsy fartsy shawl pics! Very lively! AND love the hummer in front of the sun…good catch!! 😉

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