365 Days, Numbah Sixty-Five

I’m definitely not going to be able to finish all these by New Year’s Eve. Sigh… Will I ever get caught up?

December 6th

Daily hummingbird in the low clouds across the valley.
Lovely valley view.
Small kine snow still on the deck.
Old barn across the snowy fields.
Our neighbors’ Christmas fence. I love that they do this every year!

December 7th

This date never goes by without me thinking about my folks on Oʻahu, watching the smoke rise from the burning ships in Pearl Harbor. They were terrified, and the reports on the radio were scary to hear.

Daily hummingbird on a very foggy day.
Pretty poinsettias at the doctor’s office when I picked up an Rx for Nolemana today.

December 8th

Daily hummingbird in the fog.
Food deliveries. That tall box was full of bags of chips!
Sunshine Valley Road in the clouds.
The clouds were really low down today.
I couldn’t even see our house!
Daily hummingbird silhouette.
View across Sunshine Valley.

December 9th

Daily hummingbird.
Gas prices coming down!
Sheesh. Da gym pirate strikes again.

December 10th

Daily hummingbird. I haven’t been able to get many action shots lately.
Fog across the valley. So pretty!
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6 Responses to 365 Days, Numbah Sixty-Five

  1. AFK says:

    Hau`oli la hanau, Moki-chan! No need get caught up by da end of da year. My therapist used to ask me, to illustrate how absurd my desire to cross everything off of my to-do list, “Will you ever get all of your work done?” I try to remember this when I do my annual year-end cleaning, because I *never* ever finish cleaning everything I want to clean.

    I get one idea fo’ all da Spam yo aikane wen geev you. I make Spam hash. Dice up da Spam, fry up some hash browns, den combine ’em. If you like, add chopped bell peppers too. Add lillo bit ground pepper and diced dried onions, and ho! Brok’ da mout! It’s what we had for breakfast this morning. On’y ting da buggah get planny salt.

  2. Mokihana says:

    Hauʻoli lā hanau back atcha, my sista. I so appreciate your words. I never finish much of anything either when it comes to cleaning!

    Spam hash.. I could do that! Nolemana really has to watch his salt intake, though, so gotta ration it. Mahalos!

  3. Lady Tie Di says:

    You got spammed, hahahahaha

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