365 Days, Numbah Sixty-Six

December 11th

Daily hummingbird and fog.
Knitting on my neck warmie da kine while getting my studded tires off.

December 12th

Two daily hummingbirds!

December 13th

Action shot daily hummingbird. Finally!
Sunset daily hummingbird.
Grateful for the crews who spread de-icer on the roads.

December 14th

Daily hummingbird and more fog.
De-icing crew having fun!

December 15th

Daily hummingbird collage.
Getting cold! Musubi isn’t crazy about it.
Very icy driveway on my way to food delivery pickup.
It was miserably cold doing the food sorting and pickup today.
Something happening at the cell tower today.
Guess who greeted me at the drive-up bank window today.
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2 Responses to 365 Days, Numbah Sixty-Six

  1. AFK says:

    Bless you for continuing to deliver food to people who desperately need it, especially in this cold, dangerous weather. I love your daily hummingbird photos with the fog in the background.

    • Mokihana says:

      So happy you like the fog/hummer photos! It’s been so foggy lately…I actually really like fog. Sometimes doing the food deliveries isn’t easy, especially in the pouring rain or cold…but I’m glad we can be part of helping others.

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