Two-Day Road Trip to Leavenworth, Chapter Ten

We’re still heading south on I-97. We followed the Yakima River for a long time and got some pretty shots of it.

Yakima River along I-97
Yakima River
Yakima River along I-97.
Exit 29, Selah Road 1/2 mile.
And da advencha begins!!
Crossing the Yakima River onto Highway 12. We stay going makai!
This is da advencha: we’re going to go over White Pass alla way to I-5!
The red da kine is White Pass. We wanted to go through all the forested areas instead of through Yakima and dry land as we headed makai (toward the sea).
Another bridge up ahead.
It crosses the Naches River. We’ll be staying on Highway 12.
Naches River.
It still looks pretty bare and dry out here. We had no idea of what was yet to come and didn’t know how long the bareness would last.
Entering Naches.

We wanted to stop at a fruit stand to see what was available. This area is known for its peaches in particular, along with the apples. There were several of them along the highway, but we decided to stop at this one.

I don’t remember the name of the fruit stand, and don’t know if I even ever knew it. I checked GoogleMaps, but it just said “fruit stand”.
I loved this old wagon filled with fruit baskets.
There were hand carved walking sticks. A friend of mine at the gym carves them, so I took this photo for him.
See on the left? Boxes and boxes of Aplets and Cotlets. Sound familiar?
There were tons of huckleberry treats. One small jar of jam may have landed in our basket.
They had plenny more, too. But we only got the one jar of jam. And a box of Aplets and Cotlets.

I admired the beautiful quilt behind the counter, and the owner let down the rope gate and let me get a closer look at it. The wahine who made the quilt was there, too, and she let me take a photo of it!

Isn’t it beautiful?
Back outside, I snapped a few photos. I’ve never had pickled asparagus before, have you?
Antique knife sharpening wheel.
Ho da kewt, yeah?
And ho da gas price! Good thing we didn’t need any.
ATVantage Wood Products, 2 miles makai of the weigh station.
White Pass: 38 miles ahead.

I just figured out how to measure distances on GoogleMaps! I know I didn’t get in alla curves and stuffs, but what I did added up to about 40 miles. So akamai, yeah? Haha.

The end circle is White Pass.
We’re turning left, but I looked on GoogleMaps and I think Hwy 410 would be a lovely drive, too.

Here’s what the split looks like on the map. And holy cow sheep!! Wouldn’t I love to go there, to the Bighorn Sheep feeding station!!

K’den. Pau this chapter. See you next time!

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4 Responses to Two-Day Road Trip to Leavenworth, Chapter Ten

  1. Michelle says:

    Yes, we love pickled asparagus; buy it at Costco sometimes.

  2. AFK says:

    Ho da cool–I’ve never been over White Pass. Tanks fo’ takin’ us along. And yes, I’ve had pickled asparagus–it was super `ono in a Bloody Mary. (But I’m weird–I like regular asparagus, even da canned kine, and I have since I was sma’ keed.)

    (Sma-kine suggestion–if you used a credit card for your purchase, the name of the fruit stand might show up on your statement. I say “might” because the fruit stand might use a “doing business as” name.)

    Looking forward to da rest of your trip!

    • Mokihana says:

      So akamai you!!!! Of course I can check my cc statement. Neva wen tink of dat. Now that’s two votes for pickled asparagus; I’ll try it sometime. I love regular asparagus.

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