Two-Day Road Trip to Leavenworth, Chapter Nine

Just outside Ellensburg. We’d seen this beautiful barn on the way up but didn’t get its photo; I was so happy to get it now.
And here we are in Ellensburg!
We’re following Try Look to a very special location. For those of you who’re new to my blog, Try Look is the name of our GPS unit. She was named by my beloved friend, Ed. Why? Because here’s the dialog he imagined. Try Look: “Turn left at the next corner”. “Eh Mokihana, try look wea u stay going! U wen miss the turn!” Miss you desperately, my kolohe braddah.
I love old buildings! And try look da “World Famous Rodeo – Kittatis County” sign!
And angled parking! It has a real old-time feeling. Ellensburg is my kind of town; small, friendly, and with a real old-time feel.
Do you think it might just be a yarn shop? Maybe?
Why yes, it could!! Yarn Folk in Ellensburg, Washington.
Ann, the owner of the shop, knit almost every sweater on display. She’s amazing! I especially love the way the shawl is displayed, hands holding it out.
What a lovely sweater!!
And Ann carries spinning fiber, too!

K’den. It was time to leave, even though I could’ve spent much more time browsing in the shop. I’d ordered some stuff online, and to save postage, Ann had it all bagged up for me. Such a wonderful convenience! We got back in the car and headed out of town.

Davidson Building, 1889, Ellensburg. I love the turret!
There’s a cool mural on the front of the building, which is now a State Farm office.
Quick shot of one of the old buildings in town.
There were no cows in town, of course, but I did spot this sign for AFK! Hee hee.
It would’ve been fun to stop and get coffee there, yeah? Sorry, AFK.
We saw this cool old gas station.
We’re going to be heading towards Yakima, but then we’ll make a turn for the next part of our advencha.
Back on the highway again.
See the highway going up the hill? That’s where we’re going.

I made a mistake in the last post. This is where that viewpoint video should go. Sorry! It’s sometimes so hard to keep everything all straight. I’m putting the video here where it belongs after the still shots.

There was a sign along the highway for a scenic lookout, so I decided to drive up to it and check it out.

11:25 a.m.
Is that some kind of water da kine down there?
K’den, now it’s in the right place. Again, I apologize for the zoomies with the camera!
K’den, back on the road again, this time I hope in order!
Higher and higher we go.
See how high up we stay going?
11:41 a.m. Umtanum Ridge. Elevation 2265′. And try look: the spinner is still with us!
And down we go. That’s Yakima in the distance.
Fred G. Redmon Bridge
It looked like a big canyon down there.
Well, in fact, it was.
Thanks, Google aerial map!
Selah Creek is down there, but we couldn’t see it. Maybe it dries up in the summer?
Here’s a map of where the bridge is.

So this is as far as we’ve travelled from Ellensburg. It was now 11:45 a.m. I would’ve loved to take Highway 821, Yakima Canyon Highway. My friend told me it was pretty spectacular, but we just didn’t have time, and we wouldn’t have wanted to rush through it. It was also really hot.

The highway follows the Yakima River almost all the way. I hope we can make that drive sometime.

Thanks again, GoogleMaps!

K’den, pau this chapter. It’s taken me long than usual because I’ve had to crop plenny photos. Next time, we really start da next advencha. Foa realz. Keeping a babooze in suspense; it’s one of the things I do best!

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2 Responses to Two-Day Road Trip to Leavenworth, Chapter Nine

  1. AFK says:

    I love dat yarn place, even though I don’t do any fiber arts. Dis babooze is waiting eagerly fo’ da next paht of da avvencha! (I forgive you for not getting espresso at Udderly Espresso. But I bet da milk would’ve been spectacular.)

    • Mokihana says:

      Oh good… so glad u forgave me about da espresso! I’m sure you’re right about da milk. I’m working on da next chapter now.

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