Two-Day Road Trip to Leavenworth, Chapter Eleven

Crossing the Naches River shortly after making the left turn at the Highway 410/Highway 12 split.
Crossing the Naches River.
We started to climb; there was very little traffic right here.
Tieton RIver along Highway 12.

We took a video right about here for a little bit.

Heading makai along Highway 12 in Washington State along the Tieton River.
We’re now traveling through the Wenatchee National Forest. It sure was beautiful!!
Entering Rimrock Retreat area.
. White Pass – 22 miles, Packwood – 43 miles. That teardrop trailer was moving right along; I think they’re so cute.
Tieton River. Listening to Led Kaʻapana as we drive.
Somebody better dust this!
Aerial view of what we’re driving through.
It was so beautiful along here, and we’re still following our friend, the teardrop trailer.
Crossing Wildcat Creek.
Aerial map of where we crossed Wildcat Creek.
Huge rockslide. That must’ve been scary coming down.

We came around a corner, and saw this incredible sight:

Rimrock Lake.
Rimrock Grocery Store.
Rimrock Lake.

We hadn’t had lunch yet, and though I’d brought along some kettle corn and Nolemana had his apple juice, when he checked his blood sugar it was getting pretty low, so I turned around and we headed back to the grocery store. But they didn’t have any hot food, so we headed back onto the road. I felt really bad that we hadn’t eaten before, like in Naches, but Nolemana said he’d be okay till the next town. Lesson learned.

We continued on. I was worried about Nolemana, but he was feeling fine and said he was okay.

Gonna stop here for now…Nolemana was fine till our next stop, so no worry, k?

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