365 Days, Numbah Forty-Nine

September 11th

Because I never will forget this day. Leilani called us and told us to turn on the TV right away, and OMG. The horror of it all.

It’s still very smoky outside. My friends were finally able to go home from their evacuations.
There was a tiny bit of blue in the sky, but not much.
Daily hummingbird tail.
Daily hummingbird.

And, for a special treat, a daily hummingbird morning song for you.

September 12th

Daily hummingbird. Can you spot him in the tomato plant?
The sky is still smoky from the wildfire near here and elsewhere.
Oh, there he is! Daily hummingbird.
I’m making progress on my handspun shawl/neck thingie.

September 13th

Daily kitchen window hummingbird.
Daily not-a-daily-hummingbird. It’s a Goldfinch.
Daily hummingbird and tomato plant.
Beautiful sunset tonight.
Zooming daily hummingbird.
Daily hummingbird action.

September 14th

The only bright spot in the valley!
Two daily hummingbirds!
One daily hummingbird.
Asplundh was here from PGE to trim branches near power lines.

September 15th

Daily hummingbird with the zoomies.
There are actually two hummingbirds on the tomato cage. Can you make them out?
Food deliveries. I added two new recipients last week, and they were so grateful. Some of this goes to three different food banks in the area as well as a new family.
Pansies growing in the nursery where I deliver food. Nani, yeah?
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