Two-Day Road Trip to Leavenworth, Chapter Six

The wedding was wonderful, and we were so glad we’d made the trip. Seeing ʻohana again and for the first time filled our cups to da max. We hated to leave at 7:30 p.m., but we’d been up since 7 a.m. and had had a long day of driving through a lot of road construction, and we had at least a 30-minute drive to our motel in Wenatchee. So we said our goodbyes, reluctantly, and got back on the road again.

This is a really bad photo of that hairpin turn going back up the other way.
Back on Chumstick Road we go.
The sun was almost behind the mountains.
I kept hoping that a train would come along on the tracks to the right. Of course I did. But there were none.
Before we left town, we stopped at Dan’s Food Market in Leavenworth so that Nolemana could get some apple juice to have along in the car. We didn’t go into the main part of town; we were just too tired. It’s a family-owned market and another good stop to make.
We were back at the apple orchards again. But this time we’d be taking the turnoff for Wenatchee instead of going directly south. Motels were much more expensive in Leavenworth, so we’d opted for one in Wenatchee. It meant we’d have to double back to Leavenworth in the morning, but that was okay.
You can see the way we’d gone up to the wedding on Highway 97, then onto Highway 2. Now we were heading down U.S. Highway 2 again, heading east. It’s also Highway 97 in places. Maybe that’s an Interstate one?
Blurry… sorry. We’re following the Wenatchee River, which meandered to the right and left of us.
Wenatchee River.
The sun was beginning to set as we drove along.
The hillsides were rocky and craggy. It was now about 8:15 p.m.
Sign for Cashmere, Washington, which is known for the Aplets and Cotlets candy. Do you like them?
Sign for 9/11 Spirit of America Memorial, a Memorial dedicated to all who perished on 9/11/2001.

You can read more about the Memorial here. I’d like to see that sometime, especially because we just passed the 21st anniversary of that horrendous day. This is really interesting, according to the website: “A September 11 memorial designed for the state Capitol became suddenly homeless when the state said it didn’t want it.”

Cottage Avenue Historic District: Chelan Co. Museum near the Cashmere turnoff.
Here’s the rest of our journey from Cashmere on.

So ends this Chapter of our trip. I’d done online reservations, so check-in was a snap. We took our stuffs to our room (we had a choice of floors (there were three) and we chose the first floor. Our room was right near the side entrance, so we didn’t have far to carry our stuffs in. It was clean and quiet, for which we were very grateful. We unpacked, showered, but didn’t get to bed till almost 11:30. Ho da tired!! It had been a very long day, but still, we were so glad that we’d made the trip.

To be continued…

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