Two-Day Road Trip to Leavenworth, Chapter Seven

Even though we were really tired the night before, we both woke up at 7 a.m. I am definitely not a morning person, but got up so that we wouldn’t feel rushed on the road. We got mostly packed up, and then went into the motel’s dining area for breakfast. We were really impressed with the variety of breakfast items. Make your own pancakes and waffles, eggs, cereal, yogurt, fresh fruit, muffins, doughnuts, bread for toast, and bacon and sausage. We didn’t eat a lot, but what we had was good. The room wasn’t crowded, and we wore our masks except for when we were eating. Pau eating, we went ahead and checked out on the way back to our room.

We finished packing up, checked the room and bathroom, and headed out to the car. Unfortunately, I didn’t check under the folded-back bedspread like I should have, and didn’t see the lovely pashmina wrap that a friend had loaned me. When we got home, I phoned the motel, but it never turned up. My friend was wonderful about it; I’d bought her another one in the same color, but she told me to either keep it or send it back because she’d gotten it at a thrift store. I felt terrible about it, but to her it was no big deal. Bless you, Liz.

I had a really great conversation with the man next to us who was loading up his car at the same time we were. He travels all over Washington State for his job selling school buses, and talking with him was a very positive start to our day. There’s so much anger everywhere right now, I know that, but on this trip the strangers we ran into were friendly, helpful, and a pleasure to be with.

We were really impressed with the motel, though. The room was quiet, so was the a/c unit, the staff was very pleasant, the food good, and our room was really clean. I did leave a good review on Google for them.

I’d seen car chargers elsewhere, but had never actually seen a car getting charged up before. There were several car charging stations in the motel’s parking lot.
Our route from our motel was back up Highway 2.
We said goodbye to the motel. I’d checked online to see if there were any yarn shops in Wenatchee, of course.
Well, there was!! But unfortunately, it wasn’t open yet. It was only 8:30 a.m., and we couldn’t wait till 10:00. It looked like a wonderful shop from the outside, though. Yarn Bird Knit Shop. I want to go see it for realz sometime. I looked it up online; and Yarn Bird definitely appeals to me, of course.
We needed to get gas, so checked to see where the nearest Union 76 station was, because that’s what kind of gas credit card we have. So following Google maps, off we went.
This was a really nice park. It was good to see all the green compared to the surrounding hills.
On our way to the gas station, or so we thought. Try look the gas prices. Not too bad, considering what they had been.
Uh-oh. We saw the gas station on the other side of the street, but there was no way to turn into it, so we had to go onto the bridge across the Columbia River. Ack!! Now where?
Let’s go over the bridge, shall we? Now I had no idea where to turn around.
I finally found a road where we could turn around, so back across the Columbia River we went.
Heading in the right direction now, we knew where the gas station was and headed for it.
View from the bridge of the Columbia River. We’re so used to seeing it down our way and it was a different experience seeing it so much further north.

We got back to where the 76 station was. Yep. Was. Because it was permanently closed. . So we found another gas station, filled up, and went on our way back towards Leavenworth.

Crossing the Wenatchee River on our way north.
Back we go towards Leavenworth.
I always think about soft garments and yarn when I see the town of Cashmere’s name. Of course I do.
Eighteen miles to Leavenworth.
9:14 a.m.
Monitor Hot Rod Café. That would’ve been a fun place to stop.

And I’m gonna stop with this chapter, too. Hope you enjoyed it.

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2 Responses to Two-Day Road Trip to Leavenworth, Chapter Seven

  1. AFK says:

    Moki-chan, I’ve finally caught up wit all yo’ bloggies fo’ da past tree weeks. Mahaloz fo’ all da pīpī and sheep photos! We saw choke pīpī and sheep in Ireland. Was one good trip, but I’m glad to be home. Looking forward to more photos of your trip, manu, textile work, pua, popoki, watevahs. Imua tita!

    • Mokihana says:

      Yay, you stay home again!! I’m glad you had one good trip and saw alla pīpī and sheepies. It’s always good to get home though, yeah? So happy you’re back commenting again… I’ve missed you!

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