Two-Day Road Trip to Leavenworth, Chapter Five

We’re now definitely heading up into the mountains. It was 2:28 p.m. and about 90°.
It really was a beautiful day.
We’d never seen one of these signs before. The apple maggot is a really serious pest.
Traffic was very light, which was a relief. We’d been up this way years and years ago, coming home from Lake Chelan, but we didn’t remember much of that, so this was like new territory to us.
We saw this cool house, which definitely looked like it belonged in the Leavenworth area.
Apple orchard. We could see the ripening fruit. This is near Stage Road. We passed by a lot of apple orchards.
Here comes the turn for Leavenworth.
This is the Wenatchee River.
See the mountains up ahead? We’re getting closer to Leavenworth there.
I kakaroached this photo from Google Maps. Leavenworth Safeway is on the right up ahead.
We didn’t go into the town because we made a right hand turn onto Chumstick Highway.
The road was very winding. It was now 95°. Yikes!
Oh yeah, definitely winding.
Oh my. Needless to say, we took this curve very slowly
We just came from up there! This was the down side of that curve. It was 3:30 pm. We turned off onto Beaver Valley Road, passed through the tiny town of Plain, and then onto Chiwawa Loop Road, and arrived at Mountain Springs Lodge.
This was the main lodge; the wedding was in a lovely area a little bit away from this lodge, and near another, smaller, lodge.
The wedding was held outside in front of this lovely pond and view. It was really hot, but it was a lovely ceremony, and it was so fantastic to see my Montana ʻohana again, and to meet my niece and her new husband. We also got to meet extended family, and we all had a wonderful time talking together before and after the ceremony.
I tried to get a photo of the butterfly that landed on this beautiful bouquet but it flew away too fast.
This where dinner was held, right outside the open air barn. Fortunately, our table was in the shade. It was in the mid- 90’s but that didn’t stop everyone from having a great time together.
After dinner and more visiting with family and friends, we spied this Lambo in the parking lot. Wowzie!!

This ends Chapter Five. Next time, we’ll be heading to our motel and home the following day.

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