365 Days, Numbah Thirty-Two

June 16th

Daily hummingbird.
Full load of food deliveries today.
I took Nolemana to his retinology appointment and parked in front of my usual tree while I waited for him. This wahine had the right idea, yeah? Relax under the tree with her doggo.
Try look this cool old Caddy in Lake Oswego!!!
And of course, we had to get shave ice at Mānoa Shave Ice!! Just like I used to get back home.
Oh my gosh! Driving up the driveway from Lake Oswego, this definitely not-a-hummingbird was just a few feet away from us. Juvenile Red-Tail Hawk. Wowzie!

June 17th

Daily hummingbird with raindrops.
Quail in the driveway!!

June 18th

Whoo hoo!
Daily hummingbird photos…lots of action today.
I got this lovely birthday card from a very special friend, AFK. She took the photo!
My sweet friend Susie took me to brunch for my birthday!! Harmony 1984!
She’s such a special friend, and we had a wonderful time together. Mahalo nui, e Susie!!
More of my friend Kerrie’s paintings on the outside of the building. She’s such an amazing artist! She does commission work and I want to have her paint me some of my kitties.
Sadly, today, my parakeet, Hulunani died. I sure do miss her around here.

June 19th

Daily hummingbird.
Song Sparrow. They have the sweetest song!
And another bird… of Paradise blooming for the first time this year.
Someone told me this is a Flycatcher, which I’ve never seen before and didn’t know we had here. I’m not sure, though.
Mama Robin.
Late-blooming incredibly lovely Amaryllis.
Ho da nani, yeah?
Begonia just starting to bloom.
Nani African Violet on my windowsill.
Try look da llama… looks like one shaka, yeah?

June 20th

Blurry daily hummingbird.
Bloom where you can, and bloom mightily and freely.
Yes, bloom freely!
Kahili Gingers coming up again. I shared about 20 bulbs with a special friend in Kennewick, Washington. I love spreading the wealth.
My wonderful kitty clock from Allen Designs. I love her whimsical creatures.
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6 Responses to 365 Days, Numbah Thirty-Two

  1. Michelle says:

    SO many things to comment on in this post! First, a belated Happy Birthday. 😊 Second, I’m so sorry about your parakeet; pet birds add such a sweet element to a home.. 😢 Third, THAT TREE!!! Fourth, I agree that looks like a flycatcher. Fifth, what a unique begonia!

    • Mokihana says:

      Thanks, Michelle…I really appreciate you stopping by. First: thanks for the birthday wishes! Second: It’s been very hard to lose my birdie friend. She did add a sweetness to my life. Third: Yeah, that tree! I love sitting out there, watching it while I knit and wait. Fourth: I appreciate your Flycatcher ID… I just wasn’t sure about it and that helps. And fifth, the begonia was given to me by my spinning teacher; it used to be her mom’s, so it particularly special to me.

  2. AFK says:

    I hope you had a good birthday, Moki-chan, even though you lost your beloved Hulunani. The french toast and shave ice–brok’ da mout’! Your amaryllis is GORGEOUS. I envy your wide variety of bird life–not just all of your hummers, but wow, quail! And red-tailed hawk! And flycatchers!!! Thanks for sharing.

    • Mokihana says:

      I did have a good day … losing Hulunani the same day was really hard…except for that, it was day of blessings. That amaryllis… I didn’t even know it’d bloom. My mom used to send really nice ones each Christmas, and this was one of them.

  3. Lady Tie Di says:

    Belated happy birthday! Even if it was tainted by losing your little friend oxoxoxox Great pics as ever!! The hawk!!! WOW that you got sucha good shot of it! And yeah, the llama shaka hahahaha


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