365 Days, Numbah Thirty-Three

June 21st

ʻEkolu daily hummingbirds!!
Bloom where you can.
What an amazing amaryllis… almost full bloom!

June 22nd

Mt Hood inside a parenthesis of clouds. Scouters Mountain Park.
Daily hummingbird… blurry kine.

June 23rd

Daily hummingbird flying either towards or away.
Nolemana’s birthday today; happy birthday from da food delivery crew.
Food deliveries.
These guys here to up the temperature of our water heaters. Great company!
Interesting shadows on the flower pot.

June 24th

Daily hummingbird no like share!
View from Olson Farms where I went to get strawberries.

June 25th

Blooming Bird of Paradise looking out over Sunshine Valley.
Flowers in the pasture.
The last blossom just opening up. So beautiful!
Ho da kewt, yeah? I love this planter!
Kahili Ginger coming along great!
Daily hummingbird through the Mylar blind on a hot day. Kinda artsy fartsy, yeah?
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2 Responses to 365 Days, Numbah Thirty-Three

  1. AFK says:

    I love your phrase “parenthesis of clouds.” And dat last hummer photo, da “artsy fartsy” one, is fantastic. Happy belated birthday, Nolemana!

    • Mokihana says:

      Thanks, sista. I never even noticed the parenthesis till I uploaded the photo! I’m glad you liked the artsy fartsy photo, too… I try so hard to make the Daily Hummingbird different each day.

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