365 Days, Numbah Twenty-One

April 21st

Food delivery day. We never know what we’ll have, or how much.
Daily hummingbird.
Old tree in front of the parking lots where I wait for Nolemana at the retinology doctor’s.
Auē!!! Wea we stay?
Stay closed!! We stay dea one hour early and couldn’t wait. Gotta go bumbye.
Humor on da way home from da eye doctor.
ʻElua daily hummingbirds!
Daily hummingbird chased off the other one; and rain coming in.

April 22nd

Daily hummingbird with da zoomies.
Tulips at the gym getting ready to open.
Puffballs at the gym.
I didn’t see him, but I heard his sweet voice. Merlin app.
Visiting Mourning Dove.
Daily hummingbird at sunset.

April 23rd

I finished these three spins.
Daily hummingbird scrap at da feeder.
They were like this all day long.

April 24th

ʻElua daily hummingbirds.
Smoke across the valley.

April 25th

Rain coming in. Did you know that the Hawaiian language has more than 200 words for rain?
Daily hummingbird spiffing himself up.
Daily hummingbird at sunset. He let me get really close.
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2 Responses to 365 Days, Numbah Twenty-One

  1. AFK says:

    I’m impressed that your hummer trusts you enough to let you get that close. I hope that smoke in your valley is just a trash fire instead of a brush fire. I love Bewick’s Wrens! Their songs are so varied. And that septic tanker’s motto made me LOL. Thanks, as always, for sharing, Moki-chan!

    • Mokihana says:

      Yeah, the smoke was somebody’s burn pile, thankfully. Now if I could just get the lolos who set off fireworks at 11:30 pm to quit, it’d be good. Some of the hummers let me get close, but definitely not the Rufous ones. the tanker’s motto was hilarious, yeah?

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