365 Days Numba Eleven

March 1st

Daily hummingbird flying in to his tomato cage perch.
More daily hummingbird.
Showing off his red throat again.

March 2nd

Rain heading our way.
Daily hummingbird.
Daily hummingbird taking off.
Started out with this color in the braid.
And it changed to this.
Showing off again! I think I should name him.

March 3rd

Daily hummingbird…and off he goes! I never dreamed I’d have so many different shots of hummingbirds when I started doing this.
Half of the food deliveries I did today.
Three pipes from our neighbors’ place below us with all the water running off our hill. They used to have just one pipe, but had to keep adding more.
Old barn in the sunshine this morning.

March 4th

More rain coming in. I love the misty look across the valley. Extra points if you can spot Miss B., the horse.
Daily hummingbird waving to all of you.
Lovely clouds across Sunshine Valley.
Daily hummingbird waving in the gloaming.
Sunshine Valley sunset tonight.

March 5th

Daily hummingbird with a Goldfinch flying by.
Another daily hummingbird. I saw three of them fighting over this feeder today.
I finished knitting this hat for a friend; he’s going through a rough time right now.
We talked stories out on his lānai over the creek. He carved that pelican!

This tree was over 100 years old when he had to have it cut down.

This tree was over 100 years old when it had to be cut down.
I could use this shirt right now! But hopefully I’ll be warm in a week.
Gettin’ up there.

Blooming daffodils along our driveway.
Daily hummingbird at sunset.

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6 Responses to 365 Days Numba Eleven

  1. Lady Tie Di says:

    The clouds in several of these are AMAZING!!! The one of the barn looks like it could be a really nice painting! Cool!!!

    • Mokihana says:

      Thank you!! I do love the clouds when they’re all puffy. And I hope the old barn stays up for a long time yet.

  2. Snow says:

    Wonderful photos! There’s only a small part of Alaska (waaaay down south on the sea) that has hummingbirds visit, so your photogenic visitor is a real treat. It’s encouraging to see Spring arriving. Many inches of snow in the forecast-feels as if it will never end. Perfect yarn handling weather. Your hand spun is lovely-it’s like magic watching the yarn come to life and choose its colors (it’s never what you think it will be, lol)
    Thank you for caring for your friends and neighbors, knitting, talking, food delivery and so much more. It helps heal us as well. I hope you inspire others to help. We can all use a bit of kindness.
    Hope the grey days are balanced with spring flowers searching for sun.

  3. Mokihana says:

    What a lovely comment! Thank you so much; I really appreciate your words. I’m glad you’re enjoying the hummingbird photos. and my other photos. Yes, what would we do without yarn! You’re right, handspun is like magic, isn’t it… and never what I think it’ll be, which is, of course, part of the enjoyment. Your kindness is reflected in your comment; thank you again.

  4. AFK says:

    I love allada hummer photos. “Sunshine Valley” is such a great place name. My favorite of this batch of photos is the old barn in the sunshine. I’m feeling like that barn lately. Mahaloz for sharing!

    • Mokihana says:

      I’m so glad you like da hummer photos… he’s been harder to catch lately, I think because flowers are starting to bloom. I hope I’m still able to get a daily hummer shot for the rest of the year. Sending hugs for your barn feelings… and hoping your days get a little better.

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