365 Days Numba Twelve

March 6th

Interesting to see alla place I went last month. My small kine world.
Daily hummingbird.
Water next to our gravel road, coming off our hill.

March 7th

Trying to spin when Kalakoa decides to hop up onto my lap. #photobomb
Junk photo through a screen… Mr Cooper’s Hawk was back.
Clawson Heating guys arrived to get the lay of the land before the install of our new heat pump!!
Daily hummingbird in the sunset.

March 8th

Daily hummingbird through the screen.
‘Way better daily hummingbird.
Interesting tree on Bohna Park Rd in Damascus.
I met a friend here for lunch today. We were in the deli/gift shop part. It was good to see her after a long time apart.
I decided to lie down for awhile, and this happened. They rarely do this. The house was still pretty cold.

March 9th

It’s here! It’s here!!!!

Our new heat pump!!!
Daily hummingbird. The light shows his beautiful green feathers.
They left at 7 pm after a job well done. More about the day later.
Junk photo… a pair of mourning doves.

March 10th

Daily hummingbird.
Daily hummingbird numba 2
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3 Responses to 365 Days Numba Twelve

  1. Lady Tie Di says:

    what pretty kitties and HOORAY FOR THE HEAT PUMP!!!

  2. AFK says:

    So glad your hale is now as warm as your hearts! I love your daily hummingbird photos. The ones in our ‘hood don’t visit as much starting in mid-March because there are enough flowers blooming, so we’ve taken our feeder down until autumn. And, of course, I love alllllllll da pōpoki photos. Thank you for sharing!

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