365 Days Numba Ten

February 26th

Daily hummingbird.

February 27th

I love the new labels for my hand-knit gifts. Washing instructions are on the back of the label.
Daily hummingbird.

February 28th

Pouring rain this morning…a real atmospheric river.
Daily hummingbird on the inside edge of the feeder, trying to stay dry. The rain is coming in from the other side.

Plenny water alongside our road.
Daffodils blooming outside my dentist’s office…where I had to get a fractured tooth removed today. Ack.
Daily hummingbird…I got the color in his gorget!!
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3 Responses to 365 Days Numba Ten

  1. Lady Tie Di says:

    Oh! Sorry to hear about your tooth- Ouch!! Love the daily hummers and I do love how something as simple as a special label on your goods makes the finishing touch so special. Neato!

    • Mokihana says:

      Thanks… Dentist had to use all kine tools to get the tooth out. He’s so caring and gentle, but it wasn’t fun. I so appreciate you being here each time I post!

  2. AFK says:

    Everything that Lady Tie Di said above. So sorry to hear about your tooth. Hope you recover quickly from dental surgery.

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