Talking Stories

Today Nolemana and I went out to New Seasons to do a massive shopping to last us for awhile. They’re being so good about keeping things sanitized and we felt more comfortable going there than to the bigger stores. Everyone was so nice to each other; there was no pushing, no grabbing for items. Everyone’s attitude seemed to be “we’re all in this together”. I thanked our cashier for being at work for all of us.

On the way, we saw a farmer plowing his field, hopes of new growth and growing things to come. Forsythia bushes are blooming everywhere.  I opened the sun roof and let the fresh air in while we were out in the country.

Earlier, I’d made a quick run to mail an Amazon return rather than going into the UPS store. And just before I got home I saw my neighbor getting his mail across the road from where I was driving. We’ve always waved to each other, but today, with no other cars coming, I pulled up near him and we had a brief, but pleasant, conversation (maintaining social distancing, of course). Before today, we would’ve waved as before.

We don’t have to go out again for days. I forgot to get mustard (spice) but in the grand scheme of things, that’s minor.

I miss my peeps, my Gathering friends who I usually meet with every Wednesday, and I miss my Damascus knit group friends, too. I miss my kids. Today I am grateful for farmers in their fields, friendly cashiers, the ability to make an Amazon return for free, for the floral beauty of Spring.  I’m grateful for my fiber and knitting stash; handspinning and knitting are meditative for me. And for all my online friends. We are a community, whether it’s a brief chat with a neighbor, posting on Ravelry, or keeping a stream of emails going with my Gathering friends.

20 March


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4 Responses to Talking Stories

  1. I look around and life mostly seems to go on as usual around here, too. But I realize that it doesn’t for many people. Almost makes me feel guilty; fortunate and blessed, definitely.

    • Mokihana says:

      I know what you mean. I just want to stay totally at home, but then we run out of milk or have to pick up a prescription, and there it goes. I am so grateful for those supermarket checkers, and medical personnel, bus drivers, etc.

  2. AFK says:

    Gratitude will get you far. Thanks for reminding me to stay positive.

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