Lipizzaner Stallions

Ho, one blast from da past! I was going through old PictureTrail photos, and came across these ones. This was before I had a cell phone, so uploaded them from my memory card. Remember dem tings? Well, I still use ’em, but anyways…I tried to get good photos of the horses and riders, but there was so much movement that it was really hard to capture all the action.  I think we saw them in 2007. So for what it’s worth…

The show started with the flag-bearer coming out.

If you’ve never read the book, “My Dancing White Horses” by Alois Podhajsky, I encourage you to do so. This book talks about Alois’ efforts to save the magnificent horses of the Spanish Riding School in Vienna during WWII.

There was such dignity and magnificence in the horses’ every moves.

I was hoping that I could get a photo of one of the horses doing the flying through the air doing the levade or capriole, but they didn’t do them this evening. But you can see them here. These movements were part of war actions.

But what we did see was wonderful. Sorry so blurry.

I tell you, I got big time chicken skin watching these horses. And it was so good to see cooperation between horse and rider.

How I wish my old camera could’ve taken videos!

I tell you, my eyes were full of tears watching all this! Seeing these horses, who I’d first read about when I was a kid, was a dream come true.

Oh, how I wish this wasn’t so blurry!

Soon, more riders and horses came out.

I was in heaven watching them.

Even now, I get wai maka and my tears are making the screen all blurry.

All too soon, the show came to an end. Horses and riders lined up. Be still my heart!!!

We just sat there for several minutes, silent, then we started applauding wildly in praise of what we’d just seen.

I’d read the book back home in Hawaiʻi, and now, here I was in Portland, Oregon, seeing the horses I’d only seen in my dreams. It was a wonderful experience and I’ll never forget it. Even though some of the photos are blurry, my memory is clear as a bell.


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5 Responses to Lipizzaner Stallions

  1. Michelle says:

    I’ve seen them, too; such a wonderful experience. The movie “The Miracle of the White Stallions” captures it well.

  2. AFK says:

    Wonderful. So wonderful when childhood dreams come true. Thanks for sharing with us.

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