Da Kine Numba Seven

Sunflowers in da horse trough:

Hee hee….

I won this cool Bubbies Pickles’ lunchbox in their giveaway!!!

Our road was partially closed as a neighbor was hooking into a major gas line. We don’t have gas for our appliances, but now they will. The road was closed for just over a week, and the crew worked seven days a week.

I did a bit of spinning from a Shetland sheep named Maxwell.

We had some nani sunsets.

Leaves are already starting to fall. (No pun intended. Well, maybe small kine.)

Another hee hee. They even got the question marks right!


Hood to Coast runners in Boring.

Ain’t gonna drive near this one!

Working on a pair of socks. Knitting them two at a time.

From da garden.

Beauty is everywhere if you slow down enough to see it.

The view from Scounters Mountain Nature Park in Happy Valley.


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2 Responses to Da Kine Numba Seven

  1. AFK says:

    Ho da nani! Congrats on your new lunchbox! Mahaloz for sharing!

  2. Mokihana says:

    And mahalo for reading!!!

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