Hemo Dem Ads!!

Ack!! So for the past 5 days I was at the beach with my Gathering friends, and we had a fabulous time. One of my friends asked me about my blog, so I pulled up one of my recent posts, and OMG. It had a whole bunch of ads on how to reduce stomach fat with the most ugalee drawings of belly fat! I was horrified. I had no idea that you folks were seeing that kind of junk on my blog. So just now I upgraded my blog site to eliminate all that junk stuff. Now you won’t have to see them anymore.  I’m always logged into my site, so never ever saw them. Now you won’t, either.  I mean, really, who needs to see exaggerated drawings of belly fat, anyway?

Yeah. Let’s look at dis kine stuffs instead.

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1 Response to Hemo Dem Ads!!

  1. Michelle says:

    Beautiful surf shot!

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