Six Weeks Post-Op and a Glorious Autumn Da Kine

Three and a half weeks pass…

I can drive now!! I started on October 9th, a month minus a day post-op. Amazing. It felt great, though I kinda overdid it three days later driving too far, but with no lasting results. Mostly my knee was tired and stiff. I can now drive myself to the gym, to The Gathering, to knit group on Saturdays, and physical therapy. Freedom for me, freedom for Nolemana. He’s been absolutely fabulous getting me to where I need to go but now has more time for the stuffs he needs to do.

Starting back to the gym for the first time was wonderful. You know how I’m always talking about my gym posse guys? When I walked in for the first time on September 28th, they all came over in a wave to greet me. How sweet was that? These guys can be oh, so bratty, but I know they all have my back. They even sent me a get well card!

…more time passes… and now it’s November 16th and I’m two months post op.  How did that happen? October whooshed by so fast I could hardly keep track of it.

The autumn colors caught my attention every day, though.

Hospital view for my 6-week checkup.

And oh my gosh, my Kahili Gingers had a total of about 10 blooms on them!! I’ve never had this many before!

Kinda felt like home around here.

I do a lot of icing my knee after PT, gym, and exercising. Kalakoa likes to lie on my chest while I do.

One night, unknown to us, our neighbor’s in-bad-shape rental house (vacant, thank goodness), burned. not to the ground, but half of it is a total loss. There were twelve fire trucks here to provide enough water to put out the fire since we’re all on wells here. But there were no flashing lights, no sirens, or anything. Everything was so dry, and we’re grateful to Clackamas Fire yet again; they kept the fire from spreading.

I started a new scarf.

On my way to PT, I saw these hang gliders in a vacant field.

And on November 1st, the pīpī were back in the pasture…just for AFK!!

I’m really doing pretty well these days. I can tell my knee is getting stronger and I can use all the machines at the gym, increasing weight all the time. I’m not in the kind of pain I used to be in, which is a relief…of course, after gym and PT there’s discomfort, but icing helps that. I’m not back to normal, but it’s coming along.

I was hoping to get my second knee surgery pau before the end of the year to save choke $$$$ on our copay, but my surgeon was totally booked. My physical therapist says I’m ready to have my left knee done because my right (surgery) knee is doing so well, so that’s scheduled for January 26th. Ack! Might as well get it over with; it’s in bad enough shape that it’s hampering the healing of my right knee. I figure next year will be my healing year and then, watch out! Mokihana will be on the move!


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4 Responses to Six Weeks Post-Op and a Glorious Autumn Da Kine

  1. Michelle says:

    I do hope you told your surgeon’s office to call the ASAP if anyone cancels before the end of the year; those annual deductibles are nothing to sneeze at! Glad to hear you’re doing so well; love the close-up cat face!

    • Mokihana says:

      Oh yes, I certainly did. I am on a waiting list. I wouldn’t even care if it was really close to Christmas. But his PA told me chances of anybody counseling were very slim, but you never know. So happy you liked my Kalakoa’s face.

      Thanks so much for stopping by.

  2. AFK says:

    Glad to hear you’re mooooooooooving around and your knee is recovering! Mahaloz fo da pīpī pitchas!

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