$$$ Ouch!

So today I was knitting on a sock while I got my car serviced. I also needed a new headlight. I thought I had LED ones and that it wouldn’t be a big deal, or a huge cost, to get it replaced. Wrong! Wrong to da max!  My car has HID lights. And just one of them was….are you ready? $250!!! Because it has the ballast already in it or something. I love how bright they are, but sheesh!! I hope the other one doesn’t go out soon. And on our dark country roads, having my headlight back is a good thing.

I used to change my own headlights. Simple. Buy the bulb. Open the hood. Take out the old bulb. Install the new one. Not any more.

But I knit on a sock while I was there and I didn’t have to wait too long; at least my socks don’t cost that much.

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2 Responses to $$$ Ouch!

  1. AFK says:

    Ouch indeed. My dad, the former grease monkey, used to be able to almost all the servicing on his cars. Now, no can.

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