Finding Aloha Where You Least Expect It

So yesterday Nolemana had eye surgery at a surgery center near PDX.  It was minor surgery and ‘way easier than in a hospital setting. So I took along my knitting and worked on a ladybug sock while I waited in the waiting room:

Pretty soon, because I was a good girl and took along my water bottle, I had to make shi shi. And in the restroom, this is what I saw up on the wall:

So cool, yeah?  Who would’ve guessed that aloha would be waiting for me in the lua? I loved seeing it there and told the wahine at the front desk how much I appreciated seeing it there. Nice to find it there while waiting…which isn’t always easy when your beloved is having surgery.

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3 Responses to Finding Aloha Where You Least Expect It

  1. AFK says:

    My new mantra is “Take as a gift what the day may give you.” And aloha in the lua is a pretty fine gift.

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