Da Kine Numbah Four

So, I thought it’d be fun to do another da kine post, since the chances of me catching up are pretty nil.

This first photo shows a Comcast guy ‘way up on his ladder, reattaching a cable that had come down, thanks to the big maple tree in the middle of our driveway.  No way I’d climb up that high.

This is the branch that took it out. Needless to say, a big decision had to be made about this tree. More about that later.

I had lunch with my lovely daughter, Leilani, one day.

And try look the booties on this service dog at New Seasons Market. He’s a registered service dog; I see him and his owner frequently. She got him these booties so he won’t slip on the floor.

Fall at the bottom our our driveway was lovely.

On our way to get apples in Hood River, we saw this cool ’57 Chevy.

We also saw the devastation from the Eagle Creek fire that burned ukubillion acres.

Getting apples was fun. Mountain View Orchards.

And on the way home, we saw this train!  Whoot!

We got an estimate for taking out the maple tree. We hated to do it, but one of the trunks was rotten, and we kept having to deal with falling branches doing damage in one way or another.

And the pīpī finally came close to the fence so I could take their photo for AFK!

I spent a lot of time icing my knee after physical therapy. Showing off my hand-knit socks, too.

We got frozen blueberries from Gingerich Farms in Canby.

And the maple tree was coming down. Much more about that later.

I checked out the Woolly Ann electric spinner at a friendʻs house since my spinning these days is pretty limited. I loved it!

I finished a pair of socks.

At the Math Doesn’t Lie knit group in Damascus, I watched a seagull harass a hawk who was waiting to try and catch a squirrel in the parking lot like he had the day before.

In December I went to the beach with my Gathering friends.

My doctor’s office was decorated… so cool da Grinch!

My kawila hit a milestone.

Who says PT can’t be fun? And yeah, the kane on the left is from the Big Island.

We had a white Christmas and were housebound for five days.

Our new woodstove…the old one died after 29 years and we need a heat source in case of a power outage. More kala flying out the window!

I saw three visitors as I left the house one morning.

And finally, our neighbor is doing some logging on his property.

So that was our  autumn. Our neighbor is still logging, but the snow has gone and the maple tree is, too. I hated to see it go, but really, it was in a really bad place. Middle of the driveway…kinda awkward, to say the least. I’ll miss its shade and lovely leaves, though.

Okay pau.

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5 Responses to Da Kine Numbah Four

  1. Kathyh says:

    Next time you’re in canbyland, let me know. 503. 650….0787.
    We’re gonna have a meet up.
    1. Flock and fiber in late September is good.
    2. My work schedule changes so much, you could get lucky.
    3. County fair in mid-august. Enter your makes.
    4. Any weird fed holiday mlk day ( this monday), pres day (feb) ?

    That spinner things looks familiar. Is it made in canby ? Uhm, nathan lee – can’t recall business name, woollywinders?
    You said woolly ann , I wonder.

    Me rambling before I go back to work.

    • Mokihana says:

      I will do that!! Flock and Fiber would be great. Couldn’t do it in Feb, unfortunately. Yeah, the e-spinner is made by Nathan Lee of the Woolee Winder Company. Good guess!

  2. AFK says:

    I like dis kine kapakahi catch-up post. Mahaloz fo da pīpī photo! An haccome yo group is called “Math Doesn’t Lie”? Or is dat too long to go into here?

    We had a White Christmas in Seattle too, but wasn’t nearly as inconvenient for us as it was for you. Hope Santa managed to get yo gifts to you anyways.

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