Knitting Stuffs 2017

I haven’t posted anything about my knitting lately; here’s a few projects I’ve finished during 2017:

Simple socks, but I love them. I got this yarn at Apples to Oranges in Silverton; I love Mountain Colors Crazyfoot yarn. I also love fraternal socks.

I got this yarn at Blizzard Yarn in Vancouver; it called my name because the colorway is “Pōpoki”, which is “cat” in Hawaiian. How could I resist?

And this cowl…

I made a moose hat for myself, and my friend Dylan at New Seasons Market loved it so much that I made this one for him.

A friend of mine asked if I’d knit a chemo hat for her friend, and of course I said I would.

This was a favorite project: a felted purse with a special button made for me by a special friend. The wood’s from Maui.

I love my snowman hat, too. I really enjoy wearing it. I got the idea to use stars for the end of the hat and carrot noses for some of them.

One more…my latest… an octopus hat.

There’s lots more, but I’ll quit for now.

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4 Responses to Knitting Stuffs 2017

  1. Michelle says:

    So many beautiful makes!

  2. AFK says:

    Moki-chan, you so talented. I love the details of the stars and carrots for your snowmen. I understand how the pōpoki yarn was irresistible, but I have to admit I have never seen a cat that color!

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