Montana Road Trip 2010, Chapter Forty-Two

Itʻs been a long time since we were rolling through the Palouse country of Idaho, yeah? To think that this trip was seven years ago… no can believe! Time goes much too fast; I wish I could slow it down. This is a long post to make up for the delay.

We took some videos along this highway, and lesson learned from AFK, I should’ve had some Hawaiian music playing instead of just silence except for road noise. I have since changed my ways. We stopped the car to take this one. I thought that silence was better than hearing me talk.  Hawaiian music da best of all.

We’re still driving South on Highway 95, and getting closer to Moscow, Idaho.


I tell you, it’s so nani here!! We’ve been this way in the fall, but never in springtime.  I could’ve just parked and looked all day long and gotten drunk on the view.   I mean, really. Can you believe da green!!! The Hawaiian word for green is ʻōmaʻomaʻo. But for vegetation, it’s uliuli. Which applies here.


We pulled off to the side of the road again so that we could get the majestic sweep of the hills in a movie. The fields are getting all ready for planting.

Yeah, definitely need music with these. But the views are gorgeous.

I wonder what it’d be like, living ‘way out here. Maybe isolated, but after driving through Portland traffic recently, maybe it’d be fabulous! And oh, so quiet at night. I have quiet nights here, mostly, but there’s airplane noise sometimes, too. And dogs barking.

I wonder what it’d look like out here when everything is covered with snow. Oh yeah. White. Ha ha.


This is my favorite kind of day; not hot, cumulus clouds scudding across the sky.


Old barns captivate me, as you know. This one wasn’t anything fancy, but I bet it’s good shelter when needed.


As I’ve said before, I love curvy roads, because I never know what we’ll see around the next corner.


Nani. Just awesomely nani.


Good thing we weren’t in a hurry, because I kept wanting to stop and take photos!


Which reminds me…I need a new spinner for my kawila!

We’ve seen these fields getting harvested, and we’ve seen them after burning. Such promise awaits!


What I really love, too, is seeing the John Deeres that they use out here. They’re specially made for farming on steep slopes.


We’re getting closer to Moscow now.


And here we are, and we’re hungry for lunch!


Stookey’s Feed and Farm Supply. Love the building!


See what I mean about the John Deeres? The farmer can be level despite steep terrain.  I know the cab is tilting on flat ground, but it’d be straight on hilly places.



Coming more into the main part of town.


I’d Yelped this place, and it looked good, so we stopped here to eat.


The view out the window. I love dis kine parking. Slanted kine.


Why yes, I do, as a matter of fact. Guess which I chose?


Old photo of the town. I love dis kine, too.


You know, now I kinda wish I’d majored in History in college. Because I love reading about it, love finding out about places.



Oh yeah, baby. Huckleberry-Coconut pancake. Right at this moment, I’m thinking about driving right back to Moscow for more!


So funny these Starlings! We’d parked the car in back, and they were scrounging around in the garbage for treats.


Hahahahaha!!! I wen get manu feeties!


They soon came back. I don’t like Starlings at my feeders, but they were fun to watch here.


Nolemana snapped this photo of the front of the restaurant. Which, by the way, I highly recommend. The restaurant, not the photo.


And we were on our way again.


Our ōpu were full. In Hawaiian, gotta be careful where the diacritical marks are placed. Ōpu means stomach.  ʻOpu means to dive into the water, feet first, without making a splash.  ʻŌpū means body, as of an ʻukulele, guitar.  And words are never pluralized, so our ōpu is correct grammar. Thus ends the Hawaiian language lesson for da day.

And we were on the road again. It had been a great stop, and a perfect place for brunch. And huckleberry-coconut pancakes. I don’t even remember what Nolemana had!


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4 Responses to Montana Road Trip 2010, Chapter Forty-Two

  1. AFK says:

    Hui, Moki-chan, no can see most of da pitchas. Instead of most of da pitchas, get signs dat say “Please update your account to enable third party hosting. For important info, please go to:” Ah donno if dat’s on’y my lolouila, but bot’ da home an my work lolouila show da same stuffs.

  2. Mokihana says:

    Whew!!! Mahalo for letting me know.

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