Da Kine Numbah One

I’ve got several, well, okay, a bunch, of longer posts to make, and I’m working on them, but in the meantime, I thought I’d do a Da Kine post, photos of all kine stuffs. I think it’ll work well for me, because then I’ll post more often. And that’s a good thing.

Let’s start off with this bathroom.  It’s from a comparable sale we were using for an appraisal. Notice anything… um… kinda strange?

27 May2

Yeah, me, too.  I don’t get it. Do I want to be in the bathtub with somebody standing over me in the shower? Do I want to walk up steps (that first one is high!) to get in and out of the shower? Nope. And there’s no hand rail or anything! I could see myself falling on my lemu in the setup. So you are into the tub, and you get into the shower. Then you step down from there onto the floor? Do you shower first anden get into the tub? And the tub’s so small!  Maybe there’s something here that I just don’t get. I would love to be educated.

K’den.  On to more da kine.

It was a snowy winter!


A tiny herd of deer appeared in the forest above our driveway. I was glad to see them, because a cougar had been sighted in our neighborhood. Yeah, a cougar. Scary!

5 March3

My gym switched to salt water in their pool and hot tub! Yay!  Now I can go swimming again. Chlorine and I don’t agree. Only problem: there are no lines along the bottom, so how am I gonna keep myself straight in the lane without banging my hands onto the lane divider or the side of the pool?

17 April

And for AFK: new calves in April in the pasture around the corner from us.

24 April

In April, I finished this cowl.


In May, I went to Sunriver with my Gathering sisters. Three friends rode with me, and just outside of Sandy, on our way over the mountain, we saw this amazing field of wild mustard.

16 May1

Along the highway into Bend; this is a photo of the Three Sisters mountains.

3 May

Oh yeah. On the way to Sunriver, we had to stop in Bend at the Aloha Cafe for lunch and malasadas!! No can believe how onolicious these are. Fresh made. Hot. We got extra for later.

3 May2

In Bend, on my way back to Sunriver after having lunch with a special friend, I saw this contraption. Pedal power only was making it go. What fun!

6 May1

For Mother’s Day, my two delightful and caring daughters took me to Stevenson, Washington, for lunch, and on the way, we saw this incredible view of the Columbia River. I don’t often see the Oregon side of the river from Washington, and this was spectacular. We stopped and gazed out at the beauty. I miss Hawaiʻi like crazy. Kuʻu one hānau, the sands of my birth, call to me over and over. Hawaiʻi will always be home to me. But seeing views like this calms me down, give my soul a rest, and revive my spirit.

14 May2

Later on that month, The Gathering met out in the woods in Boring, at the community room of my friend Lindaʻs neighborhood. There are ponds and woods all around, as well as a swift-running river, and the ducks and geese love it there. This one was acting very territorial about who he was going to allow to venture into his territory. The song, “Up on the Roof” came to my mind when I saw him. Too funny.

17 May1

This is a view out over Sunshine Valley from Olson Farms. Our house is up on the hill ova dea.

23 May

At the end of May, we borrowed some neighbors’ goats to chomp away on all the blackberries in the pasture. So far, even though they love blackberries, the goats haven’t gone up higher in the pasture to munch on them. But they sure are cute! (The goats, not the blackberries.)

30 May

Mid-June, the strawberries at Olson Farms were finally ripe!

12 June

And on June 17th, with chicken skin, I watched the streaming video of Hōkūleʻa as she sailed into Honolulu, back from her 3-year Mālama Honua journey. I’ve been following her faithfully, and seeing her coming back home was absolutely amazing. Adding to this chicken skin experience was the fact that where this photo was taken is the same area where I used to go sailing with my beloved Papa-san in our little sailboat. To think that we were there in these very waters was a humbling experience.

17 June

It’s worth your time to read further about her journey, sailing around the world using only navigation tools used by the ancient Hawaiians.

Wow, that was kinda fun. I think I’ll do Da Kine more often.

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  1. AFK says:

    Tanks fo da pipi pix, Moki-chan! Love dem cows!

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