Da Kine Numbah Two

K’den. While I’m working on the next Montana Road Trip post, I’ll wikiwiki get these up. And yeah, I realize that if I didn’t do this post, I could be working on the Montana one. But I going doyem anyway.

Right around Christmas time, our neighbors across the road always do this wonderful garland. And this was when we started getting a bunch of snow. And ice.


Ricky and Miss B were always waiting to be fed.


When it’s snowy, I always get to see the Varied Thrushes at the feeders! They’re so beautiful!


Ho, da snow!


I decided I had to do a local girl kine photo. I didn’t stay outside very long!


We were stuck up here for over a week; when I finally got out, the roadways looked lidis. This was January 9th.


But then Spring came, and my Sakura trees along the driveway began blooming. I should find the photo from the year we planted these; they were tiny!


In February, we went to Patrick’s Hawaiian Cafe in Vancouver, Washington. Ho, da ‘ono!! I love this place! The food is always perfect.


Our gravel road was such a mess from all the rain that we’d had after the snow!


There was flooding over the hill from where we live.


Those of us living on it chipped in to get some gravel brought in.


This guy was at the Antique Spinning Wheel Showcase in March.


I splurged on some papaya from Costco. Growing up in da ʻāina, this was part of our breakfast every single day, and I never got tired of it.


In March, Nolemana had cataract surgery. This was my view from the waiting room.


Okay, I admit it. I watched April the Giraffe waiting to give birth.


And the forget-me-nots began blooming soon after.


I love this kitty! He’s an old man now and I’ve known him for about 15 years. He lives in Beavercreek with his ʻohana. On this day, The Gathering met at his house.


In April, the mountain came out!


In May, the Western Tanagers turned up again at our feeders!


I couldn’t help it. I’m not a beer drinker, but the label on this ale was too cute. It reminded me of our Montana road trips. Not that I ever got moose drool on me, mind you.


I saw this ‘way cool  ’50s Buick in Gresham. What a beauty!!


K’den. Dea u have it.  Mālama pono.


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2 Responses to Da Kine Numbah Two

  1. AFK says:

    I like dis kine kapakahi post! I envy you your birds–we no get dat kine kalakoa ones out in my neck of da woods. I esp. like da pitchas of da snow–make me feel so good when it’s so hot outside. Hope Nolemana’s surgery went spectacularly and he can see better now.

    • Mokihana says:

      I’m so happy u like da kine! Adunno why I never thought of doing it before. I do love seeing alla manu around hea…I’ve loved them since small kid time. I’ll post moa snow photos since stay so hot right now. Nolemana’s surgery went well; small kine complication but all fixed now, and he can see ‘way moa betta!!

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