Llama Drama

In this little bloggie, I’ve written about how much I love living in our semi-rural area. I’ve written about pīpī loose on our road


…and about goats loose down on da main road…


…and about a lost pīpī (that was really a steer)…


…but these stories have all happened within a half mile of our house, where itʻs not quite so unexpected, since many of our neighbors have horses, sheep, cows, and goats.  I never expected anything to happen in a Safeway parking lot!

Last night I was driving to my handspinning guild meeting, and saw something going on.  Can you see anything?

I didn’t think so.

I wasn’t even sure what I’d seen. Or thought I’d seen. I didn’t really see a llama crossing the highway, did I?  Nah.

But I knew I’d seen something, so instead of going straight down the highway, I went around the corner and turned into the Safeway parking lot. Cuz no can lose one photo op, right?

I turned the corner, and saw this:

Hah? Do I see what I think I see?

Yep. It was a llama, running all ova da Safeway parking lot! There were about six guys racing all over, trying to catch it, but the llama kept eluding them. I was praying the llama wouldn’t try cross the busy highway again (yes, that’s what I’d seen up ahead of me). I had no idea where it had even come from!  I had to leave or I’d be late, and by the time I came back this way again, there was no llama in sight, so I assume that somehow the guys caught it.

Llama drama. I tell you, I absolutely love living out here in the country!

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4 Responses to Llama Drama

  1. AFK says:

    Can I try the rhyme game too? Vicuna kahuna? Alpaca fracas?

    (Okay, okay, I’ll quit now. No can help considering who I live with. Time for more caffeine!!!)

  2. Carol ccc says:

    exciting lama drama!!!!

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