Only in Boring, Oregon.  At least we wen live in Boring before dey wen change da boundaries, including us in da new city of Damascus.  Living out hea in da country, we get all kine signs on telephone poles.  Wat?  U tink Boring nomo telephone poles?  Get! We get signs foa lost doggies oa found doggies.  Lost cats, but not so many found cats.  Wen I see dat kine lost sign, I alla time begin watching foa wateva stay lost.  I kinda imagine finding da lost doggie oa kitty, an calling da peepo wen lose dea beloved pet, hearing da sounds of joy wen I go tellum I wen find dea pet.  So fah, I neva wen find notting doe.

So couple of years ago I wen drive down da road wen dis sign wen catch my eye.  “Aww”, I wen think. “Somebody wen lose dea sweet litto milk cow”.  One milk cow stay much moa easy foa spot den one manini [small] kine cat!

Nobody stay behind me, so I wen stop foa take down da phone numba. Cuz even in Boring, how often u going spawk one pīpī  jass holoholo  down da road?  And if I spawk one, den I like have da phone numba so can call da owna,yeah?

So I wen get out pepa, pen an wen take down da numba.  But ho!  Sometin wrong hea!  Can u see it?

I get sheeps.  I get llamas.  I get pymgy goats.  And I know dat one wahine sheep is one ewe.  One kane [boy] llama is one gelding if no nomo da kines.  One kane goat witout da kines is one wether.

And one kane bovine is called….


Adunno if dey eva wen find da lost animal.  I know I neva even wen see his tail swishing back and forth as he wen holoholo down da road.  But I do know dis:  dat if I had, I would know wat to call him.

And dats no bull!

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4 Responses to Huh?

  1. kahukunet says:

    haha. Great story. I hope you had a Happy Easter!

  2. Lika says:

    Isn’t a lost cow or horse possible ‘Cattle Rustlin?’ LOL

  3. wendi says:

    I love the “sound” of your posts. LMAO!

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