Da Tour de Fleece, Day Six

Are you getting bored yet? Same old stuff on the bobbin, I know. But it’s getting fuller, and I am perfecting my craft. Ha! This is really challenging stuff to spin, and I’m having to figure out which spinning technique will give me the result I want. Long draw? Short forward draw? Something in between? Kamaʻāina draw? (I made that one up. How did you guess?) How do I get enough twist in the singles without making it looks all corkscrewy? How do I get more consistent in spinning this slippery fiber?

I am definitely being challenged! I’m glad I’m doing da Tour de Fleece, even if finding spinning time in my busy schedule is difficult.

Today I had to take ʻUkulele, my very special pōpoki, to the vet. She’s sixteen years old and may be having some kidney problems. It’s been a really hard day for me today. I get the report tomorrow.

I find spinning soothes me at times like this. It’s repetitive and rhythmic. It’s nurturing and creative. Some people like their wheels to be as quiet as possible, but not me. I love the clickity-clack that most of my wheels’ bobbins make as they turn, spinning fiber into thread.

I pray the report gives us some hope tomorrow. I will be spinning while I wait for the doctor’s call. It will help calm me down.

Here is the collage from Day Six… having sheep in it seemed appropriate.

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3 Responses to Da Tour de Fleece, Day Six

  1. RONW says:

    Without the wheel making noise it ain’t the same. And no, I don’t spin myself, but I did stumble on something of the likes of yarnbombing.

  2. Kim says:

    Hoping your special baby is doing okay.
    Those singles are beautiful! I love that colorway!! M wheel makes some subtle soft clicking sounds as it goes round and I like the rhythm, too.

  3. Kawena says:

    Uber-lovely work! Shootz~I just buy cheapo yarn to knit. Hope your fur-baby is okay. Going somewhat thru an anxiety with my 12-yr. old. Went thru her Senior Wellness check and doc suspects pancreatitis but the internist he consulted this morning said it wasn’t systematic but it’s the vet’s call. So another test, hope it doesn’t go full-throttle. 😦

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