Da Tour de Fleece, Day Five

Well, here we are on Day Five. At least back then we were, yeah? Ahahaha….

In this collage is one lone daffodil blooming among the tulips at the Wooden Shoe Bulb Farm here in Oregon. Well, you know that, right? Cuz I jass wen do a couple of blog posts about it! Anyway, I thought I’d add the photo. Because you know why? Because it reminds me that each of us is unique, and that photo reminded me of that. Each of us has his or her own beauty even though we’re among a whole lot of other people.

The rhododendron down at the bottom is at our house; it bloomed like crazy this year!

And oh yeah, the spinning! The bobbin is getting more full, yeah? I am finding this Merino wool is a real challenge to me. I’ve never spun it before and it’s not easy to get a consistent singles. (That’s what you call one spun fiber. Then you ply it with another singles, and that makes yarn. Though some people just spin it thicker and leave it as a singles. I know it sounds like my English is bad, but “singles” is a real word.)

Some people even do a 4-ply yarn, but that’s a story for another day. My goal is to ply the singles on both my bobbins together before the tour is pau, but I don’t know if I’m going to make it. My main challenge was learning to spin superwash (that means it won’t felt) Merino, which is very slippery and hard to control, and to spin it consistently.

Anyway… here is the collage from Day Five.

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1 Response to Da Tour de Fleece, Day Five

  1. Karen says:

    the flowers AND the spinning are lovely Mokihana:)

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