Da Tour de Fleece, Days Seven and Eight

Oops. I neva wen post one photo yestaday… so I stay going post two today.

First we have Day Seven’s photo, which happens to be one of my favorites. I took the photo looking out over Sunshine Valley from our deck. It was fabulous to sit out there in the sunshine and spin for awhile. On the right is my Kahili Ginger, which hasn’t bloomed yet this year.

For Day Eight, I used a photo I took somewhere in Oregon on one of our appraisals out in daboonies. I know that AFK will like it… a cow, outstanding in his field! (Yes, I know it’s really a steer but that doesn’t sound cow-y enough.)

Anyway, I liked doing the collage with all da sheepies in the photo. The photo on the bottom right shows the braid of fiber as I received it; most roving (the strips of fiber) are braided up this way now. The two photos on the left show what the fiber looks like when it’s unbraided. It comes in one very long piece of roving, which proves that yes, Virginia, you can braid with just one length of fiber.

Next to those you can see Kukui, who lies close to me as I’m spinning. She is my velcro doggie.


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1 Response to Da Tour de Fleece, Days Seven and Eight

  1. AFK says:

    Moooo-baaaaaah-rah-rah-rah! You go girl!

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