Da Snowy Day, Part One

Da awesome surprise going hafto wait till two moa posts pau. Cuz I like post snow photos when get snow. Cuz two weeks ago Nolemana and I had one appraisal up in Government Camp. On da slopes of Mount Hood. Which jass wen get snow. So hea goes.

First I wen check TripCheck.com. I saw dat da roads in Brightwood were totally clear.

But at da chain-up area get plenny snow! Good ting I had my studded tires on awreddy in preparation.

First we wen go chru da town of Sandy. Cute town, about ten miles from wea we live. My favorite yarn stoa stay hea.

Was kind of cold, but not too bad. Well, according to my cousins in Montana dis would be a heat wave!

Rhododendron: 19 miles.
Government Camp: 28 miles
Was super foggy. Obviously.

If you look really close, you can see Mount Hood just to left of center.

Believe it or not, the mountain is there but hard to see. We are probably about ten miles east of Sandy here.

Not too high up yet. I sure wish that we’d known TryLook could do elevation when we were on the way to Montana!

We’re just coming into Welches. I have another favorite yarn store here, too. I know where all the yarn stores are around the entire Portland metro area, as a matter of fact!

We’re almost to Lolo Pass Road here. Crazy, yeah? Get Lolo Pass between Montana and Idaho. And the town of Lolo in Montana. And Lolo Pass in Oregon. Shua get plenny lōlōs around hea! Which means “crazy”, in Hawaiian.

See wat I mean?

Now we’re in Rhododendron. And climbing.

Snow from the week before was still on the trees. More snow was due the next day, and that would’ve been fun to see, but trying to do an appraisal would have been very difficult. As it was, there were some comps we couldn’t even see on this trip.

How do you like our “car” on TryLook? The bird is so cool… as we drive, it flaps its wings. And the turquoise line is showing the road we’ve been on so far. Very handy if we should get lost… we’d just follow the turquoise line back the way we came. But we didn’t get lost so we didn’t need to follow the turquoise line. Heh heh.

The temperature is dropping, but we were warm and cozy in the car.

Remember the TripCheck photo where people were chaining up? Well, we’re coming to it, but get to go on by since my car has plenny studs. Ahahahahaha. That one was for Izzie.

The snow was just beautiful. I’ve always loved this part of the highway with its sweeping curves. We’re coming to an area that had a horrible fire many years ago.

Ho da nani, yeah?

Up ahead is where we’re headed, with just a few miles before the turn-off to Government Camp.

And it’s a bit warmer, too. How odd.

Three more miles to Government Camp; check out da elevation! Also notice how Mokihana is obeying the speed limit.

So many times this area will be totally white with snow. I wish there had been more today, but at least we could get to where we needed to go! And we weren’t inching up the mountain at 10 mph, either.

The roads were totally clear, without even a trace of ice. But it would soon change once we got to Government Camp.

Try look! It’s Mount Hood! No can see? Try look moa close den.

Climbin’ up da mountain!

The roads had been sanded, and I was glad for it as we got higher and higher.

Now there was more snow on the trees; we didn’t know how bad it’d be in Government Camp, where a few hundred feet in elevation can make a huge difference.

Musubi was extremely happy to be travelling with TryLook again. We kept climbing up da mountain.

And here we are at the entrance to Government Camp! Try look all the snow on the road! Most of the roads here are all packed snow. Which is why we have on studded tires. We didn’t need them before now, but we’ll sure need them as we go into town. Which I’ll show you in the next installment.

Mahalo for coming along with us!

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3 Responses to Da Snowy Day, Part One

  1. Kikue Mugen says:

    Oooo the cold looking! I just LOVE the snow, and it looked slushy near the road’s edge. I bet you had the heat cranked up and feeling cozy. I just enjoy traveling like that so much. You’re so fortunate to be able to travel like that and enjoy the scenery. I love the mountains. We have the Smokey Mountains where I live but going up on those one can barely tell that one is in the mountains. The slope up is so gradual. More like rolling hills and slopes. I really miss those massive chunks of rocks out west. Thank you for the pictures… definitely is a treat for me! So beautiful!

  2. clare says:

    I it love E. Lolo Pass!

  3. AFK says:

    Beautiful photos. Sounds like you guyszes had a good time in spite of the cold and snow.

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