Da Mystery Road Trip Revealed, Part Thirty-One

Ho da long time, yeah? Well, one excuse is that I was at the beach with my friends for four days. But here I am again, and we’ll be driving through the Idaho desert for a bit longer. When we first moved to Twin Falls, I had a really hard time about the desert. The towns were green, with trees and flowers, but surrounding all of them was the desert. I never could get totally used to it; coming from Hawaiʻi where everywhere was green, I was sometimes known to whine about having to go through desert to get anywhere.

Now I can see that the desert has its own lonesome kind of beauty. We would see plenty of it on our way home, too.

After having lunch with B and G, we headed back out across Perrine Bridge. It was really hard to leave our friends, and we all told each other we’d try hard not to let so much time go by before seeing each other again.

This shot kind of shows where we used to hike down and go fishing at Devil’s Punchbowl. I really meant it when I said it was a long hike down!

I’m gonna do some reading about how the Snake River Canyon was formed, because it’s really pretty incredible.

This almost looks like the place where we’d park our cars to hike down to the river.

As usual, we stopped at a Heritage Marker. I absolutely love reading these and getting some sense of history about the places we visited.

It’ll be about two hours to Boise. Through the desert. Nolemana used to make this trip fairly often when he was in the National Guard, or if there was a manager’s meeting for Kinney Shoes scheduled.

We’re now leaving the outskirts of Twin Falls. On our way to Boise. Through the desert.

Pīpī for AFK! Nolemana really had to take this photo on the fly. I love the Soldier Mountains in the background, all covered with snow.

Nice shot, Nolemana! Considering we were traveling along at 70 MPH he did a great job!

When we first moved here, the sight of the Sawtooth Forest and the Sawtooth Mountains never failed to amaze me. One of the things I love about Idaho are the incredible mountain ranges.

And yes, the desert. But also wide open spaces, which we loved.

Oh, and the Sawtooth Mountains. I never got tired of seeing them! When we had time, we’d always drive up to the Wood River Valley, beyond to Sun Valley, then over Galena Summit, just to be in the presence of these mountains.

Dried cornstalks against the majesty of the mountains.

Have a mentioned desert before?

Sagebrush is free! Stuff some in your trunk! I do miss the Stinker Stations signs!

The road stretched way out in front of us. Musubi was beginning to get antsy.

This is a good highway have a book on CD handy. Because there isn’t much to look at. Except that amazing wide-open sky stretching out as far as we could see!

Kewl, yeah?

We needed to stop at this rest area for a very important reason. Aside from going shi shi, that is.

Yep, this is it! We had to put on a new spinner! I’d just remembered that we’d had a spare in the glove box, so while we were stopped, Nolemana put the new one on. Musubi was most happy.

This new one was so bright! I’d forgotten how great spinners look when they’re new. It spun kind of kapakahi for awhile till it got used to being on the antenna. At 70 mph.

This was just past the rest stop; in the desert.

Ah yes. The desert. In Southern Idaho.

Believe it or not, the Snake River is ova dea.

Really, the only signs of life around here are when we come to water. Then we can see farms and ranches springing up nearby.

Lidis! Water equals life in this fairly barren area.

And railroad tracks, too! If only a train would appear right now.

Ha!! One did!! I wonder if the people who live here get used to the noise… I expect they do after awhile.

I would love it! Actually, once Nolemana and I lived a two blocks from train tracks, and even that far away the house shook when a train went by.

End of this part. Next time, Musubi almost jumped right out of the car… fortunately we were able to stop him. But he had quite an adventure. Which will explain the entire concept of Da Mystery Road Trip.

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4 Responses to Da Mystery Road Trip Revealed, Part Thirty-One

  1. clare says:

    I do love seeing those fields of green in the middle of the desert.

  2. Kikue Mugen says:

    wow! Four days down at the beach??!! I certainly don’t blame you for being quiet on your blog! I know you had fun doing that! LOL

    I can relate to your ‘shock’ after being in Hawaii all your life, and then moving to some place totally different. Especially when Manoa Valley and its surrounding mountains are so GREEN!!! And then you got yourself plopped in the desert! Ho wow, the contrast! I thought the same as you moving from plush Kaneohe then spending 17 years in Riverside, California! Soooo dry, sooo brown… sooo desert! But like you, I realized that there is beauty in everything/ every place. Wabi sabi. I think that kind of understanding comes when we’re older, and not fresh off from the green paradise we both were pulled from.

    You used to HIKE DOWN to go fishing? O.O Well, by the time you came up the fish must have been cooked! ROFL That is such a long way! Talk about being in good shape to do that! Awesome!

    Yes, long drive you had, but eh, at least you had the experience of travel like this. I love it so much, just to hop in the van like that and goooo. Again, part of me is wanting to stay up on the mainland rather than move back to Hawaii nei. It is all up to Chantsi. We shall see if she wants to go to UH or someplace totally different. I’m just going along for the ride.

    Great pics as usual. I always enjoy! Mahalo. And yes, this time I had to fix my RSS feed again. Your entry didn’t show up either! Grrrr. So I’m glad you mentioned it on FB! Looking forward to next entry. 🙂

  3. AFK says:

    Yay! Mahaloz for da pīpī pix, Moki & Nolemana – you da bes’! Really good quality shot at 70 MPH.

  4. RONW says:

    how was da surf?

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