Da Mystery Road Trip, Day Seven, Part Two

So dea we were, out in da desert again, but guess wat? We stay driving on da wrong side of da highway! Eh. Not my fault, eedah.

Day7-Pt 2-1

Had road construction, as why.

And get mountains, too! Real mountains! And one train! We wen miss da front part of da train, so wen get dis photo, wit da engine pushing insteada pulling.

Day7-Pt 2-2

Den back again to da straight, flat, but still nani, highway.

Day7-Pt 2-3

We wen stop in one town foa check it out; had dis used book store, which I no can resist. I love old books; I especially love it when bookstores get one pōpoki insai! Dis bookstore gets one high rating jass foa da pōpoki. Kewt, yeah?

Day7-Pt 2-5

On da way back chru town to da highway, I wen spy one quilt store, and Nolemana graciously said can go insai foa five minutes. Dey had some kewl quilts on display, including dis one:

Day7-Pt 2-6

And dis one. My friend Maryellen wen make one of dese too, wit all kine sparkly stuffs insai da snowflakes.

Day7-Pt 2-7

I stay ready foa one latté, so we wen stop at dis coffee kiosk. Try look da kewl tip “jar”.

Day7-Pt 2-8

Den back on da highway, da flat highway, wit da mountains in da distance.

Day7-Pt 2-9

Could tell we stay getting moa close to home, cuz now had plenny clouds in da sky.

Day7-Pt 2-10

And yet anodda rivah!

Day7-Pt 2-11

Had plenny pīpī foa AFK even!

Day7-Pt 2-12

I would love to see dis area in da middo of summah when da hay stay growing and almost ready foa harvest.

Day7-Pt 2-13

Try look. Anodda snow zone in da middo of da desert. Ho da irony.

Day7-Pt 2-14

Kukui so funny. She loves to ride lidis, wit her head on da armrest. She thinks is one headrest!

Day7-Pt 2-15

We wen begin foa climb up into da mountains. Ho! Green trees! Firs and pines both!

Day7-Pt 2-16

Even doe da hills stay pretty brown, was good to see da fir trees aftah so long.

Day7-Pt 2-17

But soon we stay back on flat ground again. Kinda looks like Diamond Head up ahead, yeah?

Day7-Pt 2-18

But had dis nani rivah, so was okay. My eyes always stay drawn like magnets to watah. And see wat stay in da cornah of da photo??? Hee hee!

Day7-Pt 2-19

Whoo hoo! Moa hills wit green trees!

Day7-Pt 2-20

Ho, doing dis Mystery Road Trip stay so much fun! Enjoy!

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5 Responses to Da Mystery Road Trip, Day Seven, Part Two

  1. Kim says:

    NICE! Love the bookstore popoki, and I agree that the presence of one raises the value of the store immensely. I think it’s a strike against big stores like Borders and Barnes n’ Noble, that they don’t have the kitties.

  2. Kikue Mugen says:

    Yeah I too love that shot of the cat making lazy bones. And yes, I too wondered how the fields/ pastures look with it being green. Some sight! And yes, this has been a looong trip and I’m still lost LOL but only good fun!! Thanks so much for sharing it all too! Awesome!

  3. I LOVE the smell of old used book stores, it’s my favorite. the best ones have at least one cat I agree.
    And what beautiful quilts!

    And all the nani countryside.

    Thank you Moki-chan :-}

  4. Clare says:

    Woowoo! Love da trains! Kewt popoki too; absolutely makes the place more appealing.

  5. AFK says:

    Tanks fo da pipi pix! I agree, book stores wit popoki mo bettah. Almost home!

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