Da Mystery Road Trip, Day Seven Part Three – and Pau!

K’den. Dis da last installment of Da Mystery Road Trip. Next time, we going start all ova again, oni I going tell u folks wea we wen go. Going be fun!

On dis leg of da trip, had da requisite train photo.

Day7 Part Three-1

And dis amazing scenery.

Day7 Part Three-2

Befoa dis sign, had two odda ones warning us of da serious downgrade ahead. “Danger, Will Robinson, danger!” Kinda lidat. Oa “Open da pod bay doors, Hal!” You choose.

Day7 Part Three-4.jpg

Da steep downgrade goes down dea:

Day7 Part Three-5

I like dis shot… showing all da roads from wea we were.

Day7 Part Three-6

We neva wen hear of one woodpecker truck befoa.

Day7 Part Three-7

Had wire mesh alongside da road to keep rocks from falling down onto da highway.

Day7 Part Three-8

As part of da downgrade warning, one one of da steepest runaway truck ramps we ever wen see befoa.

Day7 Part Three-9

Steep, yeah?

Day7 Part Three-10

Den down we wen go into da valley.

Day7 Part Three-11.jpg

Ho da bambucha tiyahs on dis truck!

Day7 Part Three-11a

By dis time we stay ready foa lunch; in da middo of da town wea we wen stop was dis ‘way kewl statue.

Day7 Part Three-12

Pau lunch, back on da road we wen go. Had one neat encounter at lunch, but I going tell u about dat next time around.

Day7 Part Three-13

More flatland, stretching out ahead of us.

Day7 Part Three-14

Try look dis neat overpass da kine!

Day7 Part Three-15

I wen ask Nolemana to take dis shot; I like da way da poles stay all lined up. Kinda reminds me of da line in da poem, Ozymandias, “…the lone and level sands stretch far away…”

Day7 Part Three-1a

Try look! Anodda rivah!

Day7 Part Three-17

We have now made one complete circle. North, South, East, West, Makai, ‘Ewa, Diamond Head… back to wea we wen start a week ago and in da home stretch!

Day7 Part Three-18

Back to da windmills. Okay, da kine. Not windmills. Wind turbines. Each costing about $20,000.

Day7 Part Three-19

Da sun is starting to go down and da shadows begin to get long. We stay anxious foa get home now.

Day7 Part Three-20

So bare da hills, but dey get dea own beauty.

Day7 Part Three-21

And dea stay our mountain! Mount Hood, so familiar and welcoming. I alla time wonder wat da pioneers wen think when dey caught sight of dis magnificent mountain foa da firss time.

Day7 Part Three-22

Back to green, green, green along da nani highway.

Day7 Part Three-23

Da sun almost down now…

Day7 Part Three-24

Up near our hale, our neighbors stay working late gathering up da hay bales.

Day7 Part Three-25

When we left a week earlier, Ricky was dea to wave “aloha ‘oe” to us.

Day7 Part Three-26a

And now, as tiredly we wen drive up our gravel road, hea he was, waiting at da gate, yawning.

Day7 Part Three-27.jpg

Home. We stay home again. Getting to see my auntie, to talk stories wit her and my long-lost cousin and his wonderful wife was da highlight of my entire year. And from dat trip, now I stay in contact wit my odda long-lost cousin too! I get nomo words foa da blessing dis was, to reconnect wit ‘ohana after so many years apart. Even now, I get wai maka just writing about it.

Mahalo nui to u folks who been following us on dis journey. It means a lot to me dat u wen join us foa da trip.

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6 Responses to Da Mystery Road Trip, Day Seven Part Three – and Pau!

  1. {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{Moki-flower}}}}}}}}}}}}}}
    Thank you for bringing us along!

    About “Danger Will Robinson”..I’ve been watching the old Lost In Space episodes! They are showing them on our TV!

    So where did you go???

  2. Kikue Mugen says:

    Wow Mochi Hana!!! Awesome awesome awesome trip! This batch of pictures were awesome, awesome, awesome. The scenery is breath taking. Yes, that’s right, it yanked my breath away. How so very BIG and WIDE the country is. I love the photo treats and it has me smiling to think that we have so much beauty just right outside our doors… well in your case, down the block and states away, but you know what I mean. America is indeed THE BEAUTIFUL!!! And seeing it through your eyes was just a blessing 😀 Looking forward to the next trip now 😀 YES!

  3. Kim says:

    This is beautiful! You are making me homesick for the west, big time! Ricky is adorable. I love him.

  4. Debra says:

    Oh how I loved this trip-it’s so very different from New York. The steep road is scary….I also loved the open the door Hal thing-you are such a nut!!
    Did you ever find out what that woodpecker truck is??
    Love, Debra

  5. AFK says:

    You made me all waimaka too! How wonderful to re-connect with family and enjoy the beauty of our country – and mahalo mucho fo’ allowing us all to tag along. Dis babooze will be in suspense until you tell all of us wea you guyzes went!

  6. Clare says:

    I still haven’t figgad out wea you went!

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