Da Mystery Road Trip, Day Seven, Part One

Da next day, Nolemana and I wen sleep in litto bit; but not too late cuz we get one long trip home, all in one day. Outside da motel room, da kawila and Musubi stay waiting foa us to load up foa da lass time.


We had one breakfast coupon at da motel’s restaurant, den pau eat, we wen load up and wen get on da road again. Had some fall color along da way.


Den we wen head out into da desert again.


Had some majah wide open spaces ahead of us; at first sight, no get much foa look at, but I was really enjoying da openness of da highway. Set da cruise control, and away we go! See da top of Musubi’s head?


Ova dea, moa desert-like area, as far as da eyes could stretch.


Da area no stay flat, but get gently rolling hills.


I liked da way da road wen curve around ova hea.


Dis so funny! Chain-up area right in da middo of da brown, dry hills! Ho da irony. Until Decemba, dat is!


No look like one snow zone right now, dat’s foa shua.


Somewea must be one ranch. I no think I like live in dis dry place, but somebody does and dey probably do.


When I see places lidis, I no can help but wonda wat it wen look like ukutrillion years ago. Like wat forces took place foa make dis kine landscape.


I love dis shot! From wea we stay, gotta go downhill, den we going be on da curvy part too. Nolemana alla time wonda hakum I like have photos lidis; sometimes I nomo answers; I jass know I like da composition.


On and on we wen go, da road curving all ova da place. I was loving it. Moa bedda den all flat kine.

Exit for Moores Hollow Road?


Anodda rivah! Watah pulls my eyes as if get magnets!


Woulda been ‘way kewl if just dis instant one train wen come chru da tunnel… but nope, nomo.


Kukui is such a good traveller! She loves holoholo ka‘a anykine time, and on dis whole trip was so good. She jass go relax in da back seat, finding one headrest wea eva she can.


We wen spock some sheepies along da way, too.


Next time going be Part Two of Day Seven… I love having all u folks along wit us!

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6 Responses to Da Mystery Road Trip, Day Seven, Part One

  1. inoriz says:

    I’m confused! Are you still on your trip? If you are, how did you get back to Makanani? Did you bring her with you?

    I love your photos though I wouldn’t know where you are! Hahahaha. *Hugs*

  2. AFK says:

    Very nice. I still tink dis is Eastern Washington/Eastern Oregon, but what do I know? I like that picture that puzzles Nolemana too.

  3. Kim says:

    Love that desert landscape! Don’t know if I could live there, but nice to visit. I didn’t realize you took Kukui along for the trip. I love traveling with the dogs.

  4. I liek photos like that too, They draw me right in to the place!

  5. Clare says:

    Love all da blue sky!

  6. Kikue Mugen says:

    Look like the grape vine you guys are on, but if that is so, I all confused now. LOL

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