Da Mystery Road Trip, Day Six, Part Three

Today’s post is brought to you in memory of Xannie and Makanani… I miss you, girls.

Together mau loa, friends mau loa. Forever.

Xannie and Makanani

Xannie and Makanani

Xannie and Makanani

K’den. Pau seeing our special friends, we wen get back on da road again. It wen stretch out in front of us foa miles and miles.

Day5-Part 3-1

We wen see some goats right by da highway.

Day5-Part 3-2

Anden more road out in front of us. I was enjoying alla wide open spaces to da max. Nolemana like take nappie, but I wen tell him, “Eh brah, u gotta take da photos anden!” He wen get some beauties on dis trip.

Day5-Part 3-3

Still get growing stuffs, even in October.

Day5-Part 3-4

Shaka da cliffs, yeah?

Day5-Part 3-5

Get hay all stacked ‘way back ova dea.

Day5-Part 3-6

Alla cornstalks stay dry.

Day5-Part 3-7

Hui! One rivah!!

Day5-Part 3-8

Was nani dis rivah, flowing by in da middo of da desert-like place. Everytime we wen see ranches and farms, dey stay near one rivah lidis.

Day5-Part 3-9

Dat’s it foa Day 6. Da next post going be Day 7, when we stay on da final leg of our holoholo Auntie dem befoa coming home. Stay tuned!

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5 Responses to Da Mystery Road Trip, Day Six, Part Three

  1. Clare says:

    Wow laulau you wen drive east coast or wot?

  2. Debra says:

    Love the kitties, and the trip pics…Love You too. Debra

  3. What beautiful countryside!
    I miss living right out there with the cows.

  4. Babooze says:

    Love da pics an of course da cuddle Ohana. Dis way i git fo’ see whea i neva been befoah. I keep checkin’ in. Mahalo fo’ sharin’.

  5. Kikue Mugen says:

    Love the pics as usual. USA is so nani if you ask me. And it is so VAST and begging to be explored.

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