Da Mystery Road Trip, Days Five and Six, Part One

Ho, we were so tired da night of Day Four. I think part was having to leave Auntie dem after such a short visit… was really emotional foa me. Den we have one long day on da road and neva wen get to our motel till about 10 p.m. That day, we wen put about 450 miles on da car and about ten hours of driving. Was worth it, but we wen crawl into bed and crash.

Da next morning, we wen head out on da next leg of our journey aftah one continental kine breakfast at da motel. Da scenery stay todally different den da day befoa. Da mountains were nani, but far away.

Mountains near Pocatello 9

Da land was much moa flat den befoa too.


Had some field under cultivation even dis late in da year.

Outskirts of Pocatello 14

We wen stop in dis one town and wen drive by dis huge cemetery; was so quiet and peaceful dea. Get plenny trees and wen go on foa several blocks, right in da middo of town.


Back on da road again, get more farm and ranch kine scenery.


And had plenny pīpī foa you know who!


And more flat land. But had its own spesho beauty.

1:22  p.m.

I wen grow up in da shadow of da Ko‘olau Mountains, and da first time I wen see all dis flatness, was really hard foa me to get used to. But now, seeing da wide open spaces, I realized dey had dea advantages too.

West on Interstate 30 -29

Sometimes we even wen see trees!

Day 5 -1b

And had dis one field of melemele something, but adunno wat was.


I bet dese fields were nani in da middo of summah.

Day 5 -3

Da road wen go on and on and even doe u think nomo nutting foa look at, get plenny. I no stay bored at all.

Day 5 -4

Had dese shaka rock formations, too. Kinda hard foa take peecha when going 75 mph. Okay, 80. Da speed limit stay 75 and I was getting passed up!

Day 5 -6

One rivah!!!

Day 5 -7

I like dis shot of da old barn just sitting dea next to da highway. Made me wondah wat was like when it was new.

1:23 p.m.

More green fields; was so strange to see dem in da middo of no wea. I guess dey get irrigated from da rivah.


See? Wat I wen tell u? And try look da wheel line irrigation system right dea.

Day 5 -10

Now dis one sight foa soa eyes! Hea we are at da farm of our friends! We neva seen dese spesho friends foa several years eedah, and I get wai maka about seeing dem again, too!

Day 5 -11

Seeing da two of dem after so long was like coming home again. We wen breathe in da aromas of da fresh air and just wen let our eyes feast on da wide open spaces. Used to have cows and sheep on dea farm, but now nomo. Ustabe when we would come ova hea on vacation and dey had pīpī, we wen drink fresh milk as u can get, and ho da ‘ono!

We wen spend da whole afternoon and evening talking stories and catching up, and seeing how dey wen fix up da old farmhouse since da parents both wen mahke and da kids, our friends, wen move in.

Da next morning, we wen visit da greenhouse on da farm. Dis greenhouse stay owned by dis kane who does all kine experimental veggie propogation, at dis time, wit squash and tomatoes. He get all dese amazingly detailed records of da propogation and cross-breeding he does to get da bestest seeds. Was freezing outsai; no, I mean was 32 degrees. But insai da greenhouse felt like home in Hawai‘i! Off wen come da coats! In dis environment, each plant can grow as much as two feet a day, sometimes even moa! Pretty soon, da entire greenhouse going be all green. I think da ting about seventy-five feet long and maybe twenty-five feet wide.

Day 5 -12

We wen see plenny farm equipment, too. Ustabe on our vacations, we wen help wit alla farm work.

Day 5 -13

Musubi wen stay in da car; he nevah seen anykine like it befoa.

Day 5 -14

Dis da view out our friends’ kitchen window. How many times I wen stand in front dis window washing dishes foa kokua our friend’s maddah.

Day 5 -15

On our way outa town (ho da hard to leave and our friends wen beg us to stay, but we had foa get home), we wen visit dis park wea plenny times we wen come foa one picnic when we wen live dea.

Day 5 -16.jpg

Afta dat, we wen meet our friends foa lunch; dey wen come into town foa say aloha ‘oe. We wen talk stories even moa, and was so hard foa leave. Dese friends we’ve known all our married lives togedda, and dey wen promise to stop by on dea way up to Seaddle to see dea boys and families in December.

We wen drive out of town and ho da wai maka all ova again! But our next stop going bring even moa wai maka… stay tuned.

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6 Responses to Da Mystery Road Trip, Days Five and Six, Part One

  1. Kim says:

    Ooh, these pix make me miss the West!!

  2. AFK says:

    Beautiful pix, Moki-chan. And what beautiful memories you’re created. Tanks fo’ all da pipi pix – dey all look happy, no?

  3. What a wonderful trip you’re having!

  4. Clare says:

    Love the park!

  5. Kikue Mugen says:

    Awesome, awesome trip! I love it ALL! It makes me want to pack it all up and head out again, but it seems like I just got back too! LOL Nothing like traveling, I tell you. Tiring, but so much beauty, so much time to just let your mind unwind and recall things, think about friends and family. Ahhh yes, I’m so glad this was a good trip for you in that way 🙂 And thank you so much for taking pics for all your friends to see too. Simply awesome.

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