Da Mystery Road Trip, Days Three and Four

All us ‘ohana had one amazing time talking stories on Sunday night. My cousin and his wife wen fix dis fabulous dinnah foa us, and while we ate we wen talk stories about da ‘ohana, like putting togedda puzzle pieces. My cousin had some info, and I had some info, and was good fun trying foa piece everything togedda.

I wen bring one genealogy list dat my kupuna wahine wen type out years ago; lass yea when my mom wen mahke, we wen find it in da old family Bible. And Auntie had all kine stories to tell us, cuz she knew most of da peeps from long ago time, stories from da weird to da sad to da funny. All of us wen burst into so much laughter during da evening, and we no like quit! But was getting late, so my cousin wen take Auntie home. Nolemana and I were going to, but had started snowing, and my cousin get 4-wheel drive foa da icy roads.

Befoa we wen leave home, I wen program TryLook foa da motel we going stay at. So we wen start down da road, and she wen tell us, “Eh, try go seven miles dis way”. Wat? Seven miles? Wea u like take us, anyway? But alla time befoa, she neva stay wrong, so off we wen go. I thought if I’da known how far from Auntie’s stay dis motel I woulda picked anodda one!

On and on we wen go, but wen find ourselves literally out in daboonies! Nomo motels. Nomo stores. Nomo nutting! But TryLook wen bring us to da right street name! Wassap wit dat?

So we wen call da motel. Good ting I wen program in da phone numbah in TryLook! Dey wen tell us get on da freeway, which I wen do. By dis time stay snowing hard, my wipers were chattering across da windshield so bad I no could see notting! Even on fass kine. I wen drive supah slow. Fortunately hardly get any traffic on da road.

But somehow we wen get on da freeway going west instead of east… and da only off-ramp was nine miles down da road! Sheesh. By dis time Mokihana was not a happy camper! Stay late, and I already wen drive plenny that day.

We wen call da motel again and dey wen tell us how to get dea from wea we were. Finally around midnight we wen pull in, and da wahine at da front desk wen tell us dat foa some reason, all GPS’s get pilikia finding da motel; everybody who uses dem ends up like us!

Nolemana and I stay so tired dat all we wen do was unpack, shower, and go moemoe.

Da next morning, dis wat our windshield wen look like. Ho, poor Musubi… he no could see out befoa we wen get dea! But I wen wipe off da snow foa him.

Choke snow, yeah? Was wet and heavy kine.

We wen get in da car and wen head back up to Auntie’s place. Dis wat it looked like driving up.


Nani da snow against da fall colors!


Auntie had invited us foa lunch at her place, and we had anodda wonderful time talking stories. My cousin dem had invited us foa dinnah again and I was so happy, knowing we going have moa time foa talk stories. But he was concerned dat at night time, since da temps going be in da twenties, we wouldn’t be able to get down da hill to da motel, and he wen offer to let us stay dea. I was concerned dat da motel no going refund our kala cuz was past da checkout time and we had paid ahead in cash, so I wen call dem wikiwiki and explained da situation, and ho, so nice dem! ‘A‘ole pilikia; dey understood and wen tell us come right down. So we left Auntie’s and wen hustle back to da motel foa checkout right away. Mahalo Holiday Inn… u da bestest!

Driving back to Auntie’s, was still snowing going chru town.


At Auntie’s, we wen talk stories till time foa dinnah, den back to Cousins’ hale foa anodda fabulous dinnah… dis time, buffalo meat loaf, which I neva wen grind befoa. Was ‘ono!

All dis time, da snow stay coming down hard, but inside da hale was warm and cozy, da glow of new friendships surrounding us all. Ho da laughter! Ho da talking! Was fantastic!

Finally was time foa get Auntie home again and everybody to bed. Was so late and Cousin’s wife had to get up early foa hana.

Da next morning we had breakfast wit Cousin and more talking stories. Had about a foot of snow on da ground, and wen get down to about twenty degrees during da night, but amazingly, da roads were clear. Good thing we wen stay dea doe… I doubt we coulda made it down da hill at night.

Was time foa get on da road. We like stay longer, and Cousin woulda liked dat too, but said dat anodda, more long storm stay coming in dat night wit temps down to zero, so reluctantly we wen say “aloha”. I had big time wai maka; Cousin and I both wen agree dat now we get brand new ‘ohana and no way we going lose touch from now on.

Driving down da road, was hard not to cry. I felt so much aloha foa Cousin, his awesome wife, and dea beautiful pōpoki. I had big time wai maka looking across da field at Auntie’s place, knowing dat probably I nevah going see her again (we wen say “aloha” da night befoa). She was my last connection wit my mom, back in da days in Honolulu when she, my unco, and my folks were all young togedda. Ho, gimme wai maka even now, writing dis. Nomo words foa how I felt, how glad I was dat we wen make da trip, how sad I was to leave aftah only two days. At da same time, though, I felt grateful dat we’d had da time, all us ‘ohana, togedda foa da first time in so long.


Da road was so nani from alla snow.


Up we wen go, into da mountains again.


Ho da nani!!


In dis one town we wen go chru, alla snow wen break off plenny branches from da trees since was so heavy on alla leaves.


Musubi loved da mountains, but he wen tell me he felt awfully manini kine in comparison. I wen tell him, “Eh, u one mighty elepani, no worry”.


Out of da snow foa litto bit, we wen see dese ginormous hay bales.


And pīpī foa She Who Loves Pīpī.


We wen see dis nani stream.


And anodda nani mountain view.


Den we wen come to anodda stream and one kane fishing; adunno how he could stand da cold, cuz was near freezing outside.


K’den. Now we stay heading home. Not straight home but. So da mystery road trip continues…

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5 Responses to Da Mystery Road Trip, Days Three and Four

  1. Lika says:

    I love the quiet of the morning snow. So what is the name of the place/town? I lost. LOL

    I have to go do a tour around here kine and post pic-chas yeah. Tour of the casinos or something…. LOL

  2. RONW says:

    dat much snow, already?

  3. What beautiful photos! And you story gimme wai maka too.
    I was close to my cousins growing up, but now we are all far away and I can’t travel any more.
    It is good you and your cousin make new family ties. New laughter, and new stories together.

  4. Clare says:

    Oh Moki, I get wai maka reading how much fun you had wit auntie & cousins! Makes me miss my ohana! So glad you got to spend time wit dem! Love da nani snow in da mountains, but glad we no moa here yet.

  5. Kikue Mugen says:

    Beautiful and such a wonderful story. What a trip!

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